Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I got out and walked across the parking lot to my bank today. The sun was warm and the breeze out of the northwest was fresh and cool. The sky was blue with white fluffy clouds that looked like bundles of cotton that got swept up by the wind.
I worked through part of my lunch but a later meeting had been canceled so I decided to walk around the property for a while to enjoy the day. When I went back inside, I felt energized and ready to face the afternoon.
I finished a book today called "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter." When I did research on great southern writers, I learned that Carson McCullers was considered to be one of the best. "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" was her first novel which debuted in 1940.
I had downloaded the book last year and started listening to it, but it didn't grab me at first so I let it simmer in my library until last week. When I listened again, I was hooked.
It's not an adventure nor a love story, but a story written about a collection of characters from the south who simply did not fit in.
I started listening to "Rain Gods" which is a novel written by James Lee Burke who is one of my favorite contemporary authors. After that, I have Dan Browns new work "Lost Symbol." So, I'm set for a while.

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