Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Spider Question

OK, there's something interesting happening on our deck. Each evening after dark, a huge spider spins an intricate web just outside our garden door. It's a huge web probably two feet across.
The spider is as big around a s quarter. I'm sure he's laid the trap for unsuspecting moths that try to fly through our door to the light inside.
This, by itself is not that interesting - the interesting thing is that each morning when we go out, there is no sign of the web or the spider. He somehow disassemble the web and seeks shelter somewhere among the many houseplants that are summer-ing on our deck.
The first time I noticed the web and then saw it was gone the next morning I though a bat or something had swooped in, snacked on the spider and then zoomed off for more mosquito's.
But a few nights later I noticed the spider there again. The next morning he was gone again.
I don't think I've ever read about this behavior. Have any of you?
Happy Wednesday

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