Sunday, September 06, 2009

New Song

We were supposed to practice with The Overalls today but Steve has the crud so we opted out. Instead we stayed home and wrote a new song. We haven't invested the time lately writing songs. It's so easy to get distracted doing routine things and let important things slide. We didn't do that today.
I love the give and take process of co-writing songs. When the ideas begin to flow and the song starts taking shape it is a hoot.
We finished the song tonight in a few hours though it may need a little polish tomorrow. You have to live with them a while to make sure they're right before anyone else hears them.
We've written songs before that in the "moment" we felt were great, but the next day when you read over them you say "what the heck were we thinking?" I believe the song we wrote today is pretty close to being the real thing.
Have a great Labor Day.

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