Saturday, September 19, 2009

Slow News Day

I was driving to work on Thursday as the sun moved above the horizon. Thunderheads to the east blocked the view for awhile, but just as I crested the hilltop on York Mountain, the sun backlit the cloud. For a moment, a sliver thread highlighted the outside edges of the dark cloud.
I pulled to the side of the road and grabbed for my camera, but the moment passed. I missed the shot. It's probably just as well because no matter how sophisticated cameras get, they can never quite capture the subtleties of light and shadow. A scent that is stunning to the naked eye, looks muddled and washed out in a photograph.
I spent the day working on a music project with my friend Fred. The stars were lined up because we charted several songs and wrote melodies for a couple of Freds songs. All in all, a good day.
I miss my honey. She's in a yoga training class in Mississippi. She'll be headed home tomorrow.

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