Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My driveway has been a mess for some time. The rain has washed away the stone and gravel that we used to surface our drive.
I've been toying with having concrete or asphalt put down, but it's quite expensive and we've been putting it off. Meanwhile, every time it rains, it's a mess. Jilda has been dog-cussing me for a few months now.
A young man came by last week and told Jilda he would put down crushed stone mixed with concrete which would pack down hard and smooth when it dries properly.
He came by yesterday and I could tell he needed the job. We settled on a price and I thought he would come back when it quit raining. To my surprise, he went home and got his truck and started hauling in the surface material. He brought a cousin with him and they worked hard until it got dark. This morning they were back at it and by mid-morning, they had the driveway finished.
I was impressed with this young man. He said what he would do, then he did what he said.
If anyone lives around Walker County and needs a little driveway maintenance, let me know and I'll put you in touch with Jessie.

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