Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tin Roof

This evening we had a guy come up and measure our roof for an estimate. We're going to install a new metal roof. We've learned that the soothing sound of rainfall is not cheap, but it should still be on our house after we're gone on.
We'd thought about going with the light shiny finish, but according to the guy who came, the trees around our house would stain the roof with dark splotches. So we'll probably go with a green finish.
They make a blue roof, but if you get the wrong shade, your house looks like Captain D's and no one wants that.
We're going to check out a few houses with the different types of metal to make sure we like the looks of it.
We'll get another estimate or two before making up our minds. It is our intention to have it finished by Thanksgiving and maybe before.
Once complete, we'll have a rain party - y'all come.

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