Friday, September 18, 2009

Raising Cane

The Dora Bulldogs played at Corner tonight. As it turns out, I live about four miles from Corner so I drove over to shoot a few pictures.
I could hear thunder off in the distance before kickoff. Just after the first quarter I began to see lightening and kept an eye on the sky. Dora was behind but the defense came through and held the Jackets.
We then marched down the field to score and go ahead. The band and the cheerleaders started putting on their rain gear. I was packing up to leave when the game was called for lightening. Not sure if they will be able to complete it or not.
By the time I got home, lightning was slamming down all around us and the lights were blinking. I decided to whip out a blog entry before the power went off.
So, y'all have a great weekend. Go Dawgs.

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