Thursday, September 24, 2009


I walked for a solid hour today. I mean, wide open. I got a boost of incentive this morning when I stepped on the scales and weighed in at 206. That is the least I have weighed in many years. I am really encouraged. I had reached a plateau when I got to 209 and stayed there for what seemed like weeks but I just kept on doing what I've been doing which is walking, not going in for seconds, drinking lots of water and doing yoga. It is really working.
Everybody told me I would feel better when I dropped a few pounds and I figured I would, but now that I've dropped almost twenty pounds, I do in fact feel better with energy to burn.
Jilda and I plan to start arranging songs for our new CD project. We're excited. We've selected the songs, reserved studio time and we're about to make it happen.
Jilda came up with a killer idea for a CD cover based on the title. I'm going to keep that private for now and spring it on folks when it's complete.
My week of vacation is almost over but it's been a very productive week so far.

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