Tuesday, August 09, 2011

All Things Human

I was a little late feeding the deer this evening. I always feed at 5 p.m. and usually before I walk back to the gate, there are stealthy deer inching toward the corn under the apple tree like a desert mirage. 
Today I had to run by the co-op to pick up feed, so this evening I was late. There were twin bucks standing under the tree looking impatiently toward the house. I think they are about a year old, but both look like they have six points on their antlers.
I hustled down to the shed and got a large scoop of corn and walked to the gate. I had my hat on and I looked down as I walked.
I got within 30 feet of them before they gave me a warning snort and dashed a short distance to the edge of the field.
I dumped most of the corn out of the plastic container. I always keep about a cupful in the bottom of the container and then rattle it loudly before pouring it on the ground. It serves as a dinner bell. 
I stood and looked at the young bucks for a long while before turning to head back to the house. 
I looked back over my shoulder and both were trotting towards the food before I reached the gate.
I stopped and raised my camera to get a photo, but they both stopped instantly and scurried to the safety of the woods. 
Once I went into the house and looked out the kitchen window, they came out of hiding and tentatively walked toward supper.
I'm glad they are mindful of me because in a few months it will be deer season and their lives depend upon them being skittish of all things human.


  1. That is so neat that you feed the deer. It is good that they are skiddish. Yep! Deer season is right around the corner.

  2. Good for you for taking care of the wildlife.

    For a glimpse of my son's "wild life" as a house-band musician (you and Jilda will smile at this one) stop by this evening - he lives at the Ritz. Seriously - yes, he does.

  3. This makes me smile. I love the idea of them waiting impatiently for you.

  4. Your phrase "looking impatiently towards the house" had me picturing them tapping a hoof each on the ground, metaphorical arms crossed....

  5. What a fun encounter. We saw deer this morning - six of them - in our son's neighborhood when we picked up his three boys for the day. There are so many deer around this year. It's nice.

  6. What a neat experience to have as part of your routine! Too bad they wouldn't let you get a picture, though.

  7. And to think you get to do this every day...

    envious...oh yes I am!


  8. I absolutely have to echo Sush's comment here, since she has expressed my exact feeling as I was reading this post. Indeed, what a great privilege to be sharing your life with these gentle souls. I found myself hanging on every word and have such a lovely feeling of peace after this visit. Thank you!

  9. Oh my heart goes out to these young deer! I do hope they survive - you're STARS for looking out for them! take care

  10. Deer are such beautiful creatures. Kudos to you for helping them out.

    And thanks so much for visiting Critter Alley. I've come by to sign on as your newest follower!


  11. It's wonderful to be so close to nature. I like how they were impatiently waiting for you. They know the routine!

  12. Never thought of that - but that is true - don't think I could ever shoot a deer and could never eat one.

    I know they appreciate your food.

  13. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Wow. I can honestly say I am jealous. I love animals of all sort but I am fascinated with deer. They are just gorgeous.
    Thanks for following me. I will follow back.

  14. What a lovely post, and you are blessed indeed to have the deer that close to you, and to be able to feed them. Gosh, I hope they survive the deer season okay.

  15. I would love to be able to do that! What a wonderful experience. I know that hunting serves a purpose, but I could never bring myself to do it. (Plus I don't even like venison.) I'd rather feed the hungry ones. That's probably naive, but since I don't have the choice, I can say it. Thanks for another lovely glimpse into your world.

  16. New follower here. Looking forward to exploring your wonderful blog!


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