Friday, August 12, 2011

Garden Excess

Our friends are beginning to avoid us and no one in our family is taking our calls.  None of our neighbors come to chat with us over the fence. 

It's not because we haven't showered, or because we've been ugly to anyone, but the folks we know are sick of okra, tomatoes, and pepper.

Oh, everyone was thankful at first for that first batch or two in early summer, but hot weather with rain makes okra and peppers mad so they throw off bushels of produce and it's hard to find someone to give it to.

Jilda has put up enough stuff to put a dent in world hunger. Our freezer is full and I'm not sure what we'll do with what I'll pick tomorrow.

Actually, I just gave myself an idea -- I could take the garden excess to the soup kitchen in town that feeds the hungry.
Problem solved.

I'm posting late tonight because we played a songwriter gig at Daniel Day Gallery tonight. I've very tired, but Jilda is cranked up on steroids trying to whip a nasty respiratory infection so I doubt she'll get much sleep tonight. The house will be spotless until she gets off that stuff.

Y'all have a great Friday.


  1. My gosh I wish you would air-freight me some of those peppers! Mid-winter prices for them here are just ridiculous at the moment - I almost had to take out a bank loan to buy some for a stir-fry...

    Hope Jilda's feeling better soon :)

  2. Such a humorous post. The soup kitchen idea is marvellous. Hope your wife recovers soon!

  3. Jilda might hate me for this as it would be ONE MORE THING, but if you've pickled any of your okra I have a recipe for okra salsa that is fantastic...

    Apologies to Jilda...I know she's under the weather so maybe not anytime soon on the cooking???

    soup kitchens everywhere would love you forever~

  4. A wonderfully written post. Best wishes to Jilda.

  5. Hi there. Hope Jilda feels better very soon. That is really miserable. Well, the soup kitchen was an inspired idea. I'm sure you'll be made very welcome there. We're the same with apples and courgettes at the moment. They're coming out of our ears. LOL!!

  6. Yay for taking your lovely produce to the soup kitchen!! Awww if I were your neighbour you'd be taking out an injunction on me cos I'd be there all the time!! LOL!!!

    Hugs to Jilda - sending her tons of healing hugs!

    Take care

  7. Thanks for stopping by my little blog! So, I have to admit that I actually just looked up your location bc I was going to gladly take some of that produce of your hands. Not close enough to Charleston. :) I think I'm going to try okra next year, haven't given that one a chance yet.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  8. Forgot to add that giving it to a soup kitchen is an awesome idea. I used to volunteer for an organization called Fields to Families and we would take excess fruit and vegetables from local farmers and give it to local soup kitchens to makes sure they have a chance to get healthy food too. :)

  9. Garrison Keillor had the answer out there in Lake Woebegone. Just deliver your excess fruits and veggies to your neighbors in the middle of the night. They'll wake up with a whole salad on the front porch for which you must know they will be eternally grateful. Of course, they are all doing the same thing so you'll run into them with brown bags of fruits and veggies tucked under their arms trying to share with you, too. ;)

  10. I'm sure that your garden goodies will be put to good use and make a lot of people full. That's a great idea! Those steroids are pretty good. I had them when I couldn't get rid of pneumonia once. Wow! I was moving furniture the next day. Of course this was many years ago!!

  11. Yeah, the heat is brutal but the peppers and okra are not fazed. Everything else in the garden was done weeks ago.

  12. I hope Jilda is better soon (big hugs)

    I think you have solved the problem yourself! Get it down to the local homeless centre for a stir fry :)

  13. It's done then -- I'll start taking the extra vittles to Jimmie Hale Mission.
    @ Sush, Jilda did a happy dance when I told her about your okra-salsa recipe. Thanks.

    Jilda went back to the doc today and I asked the doc if we were going to have to put Jilda down. She (the doc) said we'd cross that bridge when we get to it. She then added another med and gave her instructions that if she doesn't feel a great deal better soon to make appt with lung doc.
    Thanks for all your well wishes.

  14. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I want some of what she is on. haha I wish I lived near you I love tomatoes, and okra. MMMMH good.. But the soup kitchen will probably love to have it. You have a great Friday too sir.

  15. That is a great idea giving to them - although you could send some to me!

  16. Rick - thank you for the link you left on my blog; it was lovely.

    I really enjoy visiting your blog, too! You always write such interesting posts.

  17. that's the best solution sir!

    nice one!


  18. A soup kitchen is a great idea! I wish I were one of your neighbors - I'd gladly take whatever you have. I don't have the space for a garden, and fresh vegetables are so delicious! Hope Jilda is feeling better soon. My husband gets those types of infections due to his allergies - it can get bad and he usually ends up on an asthma inhaler. I hope she fares better.

  19. Hi, good to meet you. Just found you from Sweet Tea. Read a few of your posts and will be reading more. Following. Put your blog address under my Tea Time and Visits Links.
    - Joy

  20. I have a feeling I am going to be that way soon with my corn and cucumbers.
    But, it is better to have too much than not enough.


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