Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Tale of Two Pictures

 OK, I shot the top picture yesterday while we were walking. I'm not really sure what kind of plant it is, but I think it's sumac.  The color of the berry pods are a cross between clay and crimson.
When I looked at the photo tonight, it looked a little drab. So, I ran it through an app called Photogene. It allows you to mash up the original in strange and interesting ways.
I'm not saying one is better than the other.....just different. Sometimes looking at something in a different way changes your perspective.
Your brain is trained to categorize things into groups. It's a safety valve because if your brain had to analyze and evaluate everything it sees, it would blow a fuse.
So, the brain  can get a little lazy. "Oh, that's a sumac seed pod, or that's an okra blossom, or that's a redneck, or that's an illegal alien, or that's a rich person, or that's a poor person, or that's a stupid person, or that's a smart person.......and on and on.
So my Photogene app helps guard against that. In a small way, it's help the world become a better place.
I bet you had no idea this post would take you from a sumac seed pod to world peace and true happiness, but there you have it.
Tune in tomorrow where I'll be focusing on world hunger, and climate change.


  1. you got me there... love this sir!


  2. Thank goodness, you are focused on world hunger, because maybe you can help me out on this whole nutrition thingie.

    Right now, I just know too much for my own bad. No fun.

    Cool app,that one, though.

  3. I need to know what a sumac seed pod is first! LOL! Take care

  4. I like that app! Very colourful! I once did this with a tree and changed the background to pink and the tree to black and white, it looked wonderful!

  5. I can't wait! I love how brief and to the point it all was! Love Di ♥


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