Friday, August 19, 2011

In the blink of an eye

I've had pocket knives for as long as I can remember. As a kid, if I had on pants, I had an Old Timer knife in my pocket. Most of them were cheap and dull as a butter knife. They were only good for scraping stuff from beneath your finger nails.
Some years ago when I worked with the phone company,  I managed a group of craftsmen.  They were a talented group, and one of the skills they taught me was how to sharpen a knife.
It took some practice, but I eventually got the tools and the technique down and my pocket knifes since then have been as sharp as razors.
I'm very careful with my knife, and if ever I loan it to someone to cut a piece of string or wood, I caution them that the knife is very sharp.
Today, I was cutting okra. My mind wandered for a moment, and suddenly I cut my finger badly. I put pressure on the cut and came inside. Jilda snatched the first aid kid and got the bleeding stopped and dressed the wound.
It's fine tonight, but I've thought about my careless act all day. The finger I cut is on the hand I use to chord the guitar. I'm very lucky that it was not worse.
This morning was one more reminder that life can change in the blink of an eye.
Be careful, and have a great weekend.


  1. When I was five we were rushing to leave for the Country Fair - and I stuck my left pointer finger into a knot hole on our brand knew tetter-totter. Dad, the guy with the REALLY always sharp jack knife used it to 'make the hole larger' - I am in my mid sixties and the scar still throbs. It was long and deep. Lots of blood and tears. I remember the large (to me) bandage - and when we got to the Fair another youngster, a boy, had fallen off the barn roof and his head had a huge bandage. I remember how jealous/cranky I was because someone was hurt worse and they got the attention. That is my sharp knife memory.

    Hope your finger heals well, and that you can return to playing your guitar as soon as possible.

    My Dad is 91 - and he loves writing not only about the past but about his view of now.

    - Joy

  2. Joy, I visited your dad's site. He's good. I saw one of his posts was on Shaklee products. Jilda and I use Shaklee products too.
    I'll keep a check on him.

  3. I'm glad you managed to get a valuable reminder without too much damage. Take care.

  4. I've had a big cut on my finger before too. I hope yours feels better quickly.

  5. Sorry you're hurt, but glad it isn't worse.

    Yes, we do get reminders, don't we. Just the other day I was marveling at the fact that so many of us humans survive to an advanced age without killing ourselves by doing something stupid. Great credit must be given to our parents for keeping us alive in those early years, that's for sure! Beyond that it's probably just dumb luck that we aren't hit by a bus or something worse.

  6. Ouch! I'm sorry you were injured but if I understood right, you'll still be able to play guitar? I hope so. My Dad lost the pad on one of his fingering fingers for his violin. He wasn't able to play again and we all very sad.

    Feel better soon...

  7. Very true indeed. Although it is quite sad that you cut your finger, perhaps given a choice I would rather have cut my fingers that hurt my feelings.

    I'm doing a little better now though.

    Nice post! Good reminder for everyone!


  8. As I was reading, I wished I could get someone to teach me to sharpen a knife properly (It's a skill I've never mastered) by the end though, I'd realised it might not be the advantage I'd assumed - I'm very careless.

  9. Oh dear! I hope you have not too much pain, these fingers cuts are really nasty!

  10. I work with razor sharp hobby knives and try to be very conscious and aware every time it is in my hand. Usually I stab myself instead od slice.

  11. I have cut myself chopping onions. Very painful - but it was the amount of blood from such a little finger!! Blimey!

    Hope you heal ok and yes, please be careful!!! Take care

  12. That's so true how things can just happen so quickly. I am just glad that it wasn't any worse for you and I hope that your finger will soon heal, especially so that you can still play those tunes on your guitar! Have a happy weekend.

  13. Knives, another collectable of mine! And boy do I know that "You just sharpened it" lesson. :)

    Just saying but electric tape makes a great bandage and you might be able to chord with it.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  14. I am thankful you are okay and yes in the blink of an eye things can change.

    I did that with a slicer and lost the tip of my finger and couldn't get it to stop bleeding for a day - I put a tea bag on it and it sealed it right away!

    Good luck!

  15. I have two grandsons that love to collect knifes. The one is very much into knife collecting. I often worry about him getting cuts.
    That is neat that you learned to sharpen them like that.
    Sorry to ehar you sliced your finger.
    Glad it will be better soon. Yes! Life can change in a blink.
    I see that more and more everyday.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  16. If it was a clean strait cut, good old fashioned superglue works wonders. Yea its weird but if you ever got superglue on your skin, you know how well it works. Just clean the cut, hold it shut and draw a line of glue over the wound. Wait a few minutes and your good. About a week or more later, the skin with the glue will fall off and no more cut.

  17. My husband always keeps his knives sharp enough to shave hair, and when he makes one, he always warns anyone looking at it to be careful, that it is sharp.

  18. You are so right about how things can change quickly. Hope your finger heals fast. Thanks so much for stopping by and for following. I'm now following you.

  19. I got cut harvesting okra many years fact, that was the last time I ever grew okra! I have a deep respect for knives..remember, I work in surgery. Hope you have a good weekend and the finger heals quickly!

  20. I hope your five yearly tetunus shots are up to date?? yes the pen knife, my hubby and sons used to always carry them.They are so handy for so much. Now you can't go on a plane with one in your pocket.

  21. I am totally uncoordinated with knives, being left handed and all. I'm thinking no one could ever show me properly since it was backwards. I've given myself horrendous cuts, so I feel your pain. Be safe - gotta keep those musician fingers intact!

  22. my grandfather always carried a pocket knife and a whetstone. He used to trim our lawn edges with it,when he came for a visit.He used it for all sorts of things as I remember.

  23. Aw, sorry your cut your finger but glad it's not bad! I am so carless with a knife. My dad never let me help him in the kitchen for just that reason!


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