Saturday, August 06, 2011

Losing Weight

I lost five pounds today. We played an arts festival and we went on at 2:30 p.m. The ambient temperature was 96 but combined with drinkable humidity, it felt like 110. 
This was the first year for the festival so they didn't have a chance to work out all the bugs. Our friend Kara had a great lineup of artists and there were activities for the kids, but the music stage was in an open area and not covered. I could have baked bread in my guitar case.
By the time we walked off stage, there was not a dry thread on me. 
Even Jilda, who does not sweat (she perspires), was so drenched, it looked like she'd been swimming with her cloths on.
I stepped on the scales when we got home and I'd dropped five pounds, but I don't recommend it as a quick weight loss routine, because tonight I feel like I've been wrung out.
I can promise you it will be an early night tonight.
We are thankful that our friend Fred Miller went with us. He has a sound case that he carries along with him.
The sound system for the festival was minimal to say the least, but Fred pulled out his case and worked his magic. I thought we sounded great.
It was a good cause, but both Jilda and I made ourselves a promise --- no more outside festivals in July or August.


  1. That can be dangerous in this heat. I think you guys are smart for no more outdoor events unless at night. Yes, women perspire!!!

  2. thats is terrible! but for a good
    cause, why not?.. LOL!

    rest well my friend!


  3. You and Jilda are the essence of thoughtfulness and caring...hope you both get lots of rest and fluids of choice!


  4. You two are brave souls Rick! I can hardly walk the dogs in this horrible weather! But as you said it was for a good cause. Love Di ♥

  5. Oh wow! You and Jilda suffered for your art and for a great cause! I hope you both rest now and take things easy!!! Take care

  6. One of the few occasions where losing weight is not a good thing! Hope you're both rested and recovered now.

  7. Was it worth it even a little?:))
    I am wishing we had even half of your heat- bet you that you are too;))

  8. @ JJ, I can't get to your blog now. When I click on your comment, it says
    Profile Not Available.
    Did you change something?

    @Barb,believe me, we've done out last outside event in this kind of heat.
    We're both fine but we were whupped last night.
    @ Sush, Diana, Old Kitty, that's for your kind words. We love playing we love supporting the arts and other charities, but we need to be selective when it's so hot.
    @ Dawn, it was worth it. And, if we could share the heat, we would :)

  9. Wow! I did not know you could lose 5lbs just throught SWEAT! Must have been very very hot. Rest up, plently of fluids!


  10. I struggle with the weight issue so I was interested in your post. keep playing and enjoy.
    have a good day.


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