Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Broke Down

I went fishing this morning but I really didn't enjoy it like I usually do. Jilda reminded me that her car has been acting up lately. I've been putting it off because I was afraid it would be VERY expensive to fix.....like ignoring it would postpone the inevitable.
Anyhow, when I got home around lunch time, I took her car to the shop. The mechanic looked concerned when I described the symptoms.
He poured an additive into the transmission and told me that it was possible that it could help. But I could almost hear him say "you'll come closer to winning the Powerball lottery".
I drove the car around for awhile and perhaps it was the placebo effect, but I thought that the transmission was shifting better.
That didn't last long. When I went to see my mom this afternoon, I drove by one of those flashing signs that shows the time and temperature. The sign read 1:04 p.m.  and the temp was 104 degrees.
A few minutes later I stopped at a red light and when I got the green, the car was slow to move. I turned onto a secondary road to make my way to the nursing home, but before I arrived, the transmission behaved as if I'd shifted into neutral.
I called the towing service and stood around on the side of the road waiting.  In the scheme of things, 40 minutes is not that long, but when the it's hotter than a sunburned satan, it seems like days.
So now here's the dilemma -- Jilda LOVES this car, but the car is old (1996 Volvo). It looks almost new,  and it's been a great car, but a transmission could be expensive--I could possible balance the U.S. budget for what it will cost to get it repaired.
I'll know more by the end of the week. Meantime, I probably need to look for a job. Is anybody hiring?


  1. We had an '84 Volvo sedan, an excellent year for that car, that model. I wanted it to be the last car I ever bought. Didn't quite make it. I loved that car and we only retired it about three years ago. despite all the repairs we paid for over the years it was still cheaper than buying a new car. we drove it to the moon and then some. the year we finally gave up on it, it stranded me three times in 6 months. but, oh, was I loathe to give up that car. I loved that car.

  2. You must never let something like a car ruin your fishing! LOL! Take care

  3. Ouch! I hope you find a compromise that doesn't involve doubling the national debt!

  4. I say put in the new transmission...it beats a car payment every month. Husband has a '93 truck, body and interior in great condition and we just had a new transmission put in several months ago 2000.00 vs 500.00+ a month. Husband loves his truck.


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