Thursday, August 18, 2011


Both Jilda and I have been trying to watch our sugar intake. Gone are the days of snorting lines of pure cane sugar, and swigging gallons of tea so sweet that your body doesn't know whether to hurl, pass out, or send you straight into some kind of coma.
Jilda recalls eating a two six packs of Hershey Bars when she was in kindergarden. I can remember eating a dollars worth of Mary Janes....when they cost a penny each. I almost lost a tooth in that episode......but I digress.
These days I drink honey in my coffee, and while we do still drink sweet tea, it's in moderation.
But, we do eat one square of Godiva dark chocolate each night after supper. Depending upon her mood, Jilda has voices that she uses to request that I fetch us our treats. Some nights is a whisper like a secret shared between lovers -- chocolate. It almost tickles my ears. Some nights it's like the good witch of west -- why don't we have a chocolate.
Some nights it's matter of fact -- you want to grab us some chocolate?  But then there's other nights when she's had a bad day, she has this voice that sounds like Linda Blair in The Exorcists when the boogie man is in possession of her vocal cords -- C H O C O L A T E growl, growl, growl.
I bolt from the table, fetch the chocolate, and shove it toward her with a long stick. The chocolate seems to sooth the savage beast (I know it's really breast but beast seemed to fit better in this circumstance).
Tonight is was the good witch of the west voice and we both savored our dark chocolate, though I do sometime miss the buzz we got from snorting Godchaux Pure Cane sugar.
(I know Jilda's going to smack me when she reads this.)


  1. Well, I think it's a riot! :)))

    In our house, at about 10 PM My Honey breaks the silence with, "Ice Cream?" Yep, it's ice cream time. If we should forget, our Labs show up at 10 PM sharp and stare at us until one of us (usually me) goes to the kitchen for ice cream. Of course, they each get a tiny bit, too.

  2. Such a funny post for us today, Rick! Gosh, you and Jilda are being SO good with that just one square of dark chocolate. I wish I could be so disciPlined. Loved your descriptions of Jilda,s requests for the chocolate!

  3. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Cute post! I definitely agree that chocolate will make your day better especially, dark chocolate : )

  4. And so she should! - slap you I mean :)

    I have no problem avoiding sugar - I don't take it in tea or coffee, or sprinkle it on my porridge. I don't crave sweet cakes or cookies.
    BUT life wouldn't be worth living without my 9.00 pm treat - 2 small squares of Whittaker's Dark Ghana chocolate - at 72% cocoa it is gorgeous!!! I don't have to share any with Mr A, either - he likes that milky sweet rubbish :)

    Fun post!

  5. Tonight, as my husband and I were on our nightly walk, I was lamenting the fact that I need to lose several pounds, and how hard it is to do, etc. etc. Then we got home and I whipped some cream, split the sweet biscuits I'd made earlier, piled on the berries, lemon curd and whipped cream - and we are now digging in. *sigh* Tomorrow's another day...
    Jilda's chocolate craving is my lemony one. So hard to resist...

  6. I always eat a bar of very dark bitter chocolate every day. I know it's good for you. I just know it!

    The voices say so!

    LOL! Take care

  7. @ Lois pups NEVER forget an eating routine. Ours are the same way.
    @ Thisisme - we fall off the wagon now and then, but when we were younger with better metabolism, we were awful.
    @.Reay- right you are
    @Alexia I had a feeling you'd fall out on Jilda's side :)
    @ Karen- your treat sounds good enough to make us fall off the wagon!
    Thanks all

  8. Anonymous7:57 AM

    One of my most favorite things in the world...chocolate.

  9. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Hey I am here to follow back but can't find yall's follow button

  10. Love the post....a favorite sentiment, "Eat Chocolate and Giggle!"

  11. I like the milk chocolate variety...never could get used to dark chocolate. Cute story!

  12. I love dark chocolate.

  13. I also treat myself to a small square of dark chocolate 85% cocoa, Swiss quality. In winter, almost daily, in summer (with all the fruits around) less often. They say, by the way, it's good for memory preserving.

  14. I'm glad you said honey was okay...I'm eating a PB & honey sandwich. :)

    Let me know, after Jilda reads this, if snorting chocolate is different than sugar. :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  15. Get a piece of chocolate ready for her!

    What woman doesn't love chocolate?

  16. Funny! For us, it's ice cream. But yes, there are nights when I'm into Linda Blair mode...

  17. Ah, chocolate. The best and worst thing in my life :)

  18. Haha. See I get my dark chocolate fix from a Klondike bar. They say it's good for you so I'm sticking with that one!!


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