Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feng Shui

I'm concerned about the feng shui in my office. I think it's the main reason I often have issues writing. Is mental constipation possible? 
I get lost when I try to organize and as a result, my ideas and inspiration careen off of dusty souvenirs, stacks of business cards, a printer that hasn't worked in a year, and magazines from when Clinton was in the White House.
The muse takes one look at the office and says, "HEY, HIRE A MAID!" I think what I really need is three dudes and a dumpster. 
I'm at a point in my life where I think I need to let some things go. I can get by with less stuff. 
Sure that was once a great monitor, but it hasn't been turned on in months. I'm sure someone somewhere needs a monitor. Why not give it a good home and free up some space where my ideas can breathe.
And these 3D glasses. I kept them because I thought they'd come in handy for ......... well, I can't remember what I was thinking. I've got to be brutal.
......You may not believe this, but I stopped typing long enough to shred the paper-framed 3D glasses. The gig is up. I'm serious. Nothing is sacred in this room. Well, maybe the Mac and Jilda's laptop, but everything else better justify itself or it gets the hook!
I'll have better feng shui very soon. Anybody need some calendars from 2003?


  1. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I'll bet my office/junkroom/storage room/whatever room looks WAY worse than yours....Let's have a "junk off".

  2. Hey, I want to see the "junk off" between you and Delores. That should be a good spectator sport.

  3. Oh dear! Yes, you need to be ruthless and get rid of everything you haven't used in a year. I do that every year because we live in a tiny suite in my daughter's house.

  4. that's funny... yes sir, sometimes we just need to let things have a new home. instead of having them sit in our homes with no use for sure someone somewhere out there will be very happy to have them - like the monitor. share it!

    nice one!


  5. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Ah that time where does it go;) Who cares as long as we have fun.I do not
    have calenders from 2003 but my father might have some from 1990;)

  6. I have never understood the whole feng shui concept.
    I keep papers way too long. And you don't want to look at my dresser.

  7. What a timely husband I were just talking about having to clear out, clean out more than we did the first swipe. We have our classy 'junque' I (think if it's spelled that way it must be classier), and we have the five grown kids plain ole apcray they keep 'meaning' to take and don't. This time I intend to be as ruthless as your are sounding. I'LL EVEN SHRED PLASTIC 3D GLASSES IF THEY COME MY WAY!


  8. Sadly, you sound just like me. I have a very hard time getting rid of things, and when I do I have to do it like ripping off a bandaid - quick, without looking. If I stop to peruse anything I'm a goner.

  9. 'Three dudes and a dumpster'. Now that's a title for a book if ever I heard one :-)

  10. They say the less clutter the more productive we if I can just figure out who they are. good luck with the clean up. happy September.

  11. I love my stuff and hoard like crazy!! I've got calendars from 2000 onwards. Ahem. I can't throw them, I can't!! Don't make me!

    :-) Take care

  12. Watch an episode of Hoarders - it makes me declutter really fast!

  13. "Is mental constipation possible"? ROFL never thought of it that way ..... a new follower from a follower of Lyrics of Love and Lore, Clint....A bit of "fiber" should take care of that issue! Have a good Thursday enjoyed your pics...I love photography ..not a pro just a picture taking freak for it.

  14. I'm with Lisa, watching Hoarders always makes me want to shed stuff!


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