Monday, August 08, 2011

Three Hundred Follower Milestone

Hey All,
  The 300 follower milestone -- I'm so close I can smell the barn. If you know of anyone who might enjoy my blog, please feel free to recommend it to them.
  Did I mention that I'll give the 300th follower a new Mercedes? OK, I'm lying about the car but I will mail them a free copy of my book Remembering Big.


  1. I believe you'll get there sometime this week! That's amazing.

  2. Thanks Barb. How are you feeling?

  3. Good luck with the count!

  4. I'll spread the word on Twitter right now. Thanks for checking out my blog, and for the kind words. :)

  5. Hahaha....IF there was a car involved...I would take myself off your list and wait until 299 appeared to re-sign;))
    Thanks for your comment about my photos...but no! I am not a photographer. Actually...most of my pictures are taken with my cell phone or my son's camera:)
    Have a wonderful week...

  6. Oooh best of luck, bet it'll happen soon. I'll be watching :)

  7. Mind blowing to get to that number...I'm thinking 100 is light years away! I'll give a shout out (although I'm sure it's gonna happen in its own karmic way). Can't wait to see how soon it happens...EXCITEMENT!

  8. Well I'm at 99 :-) kind of curious who my 100th will be! And well done Rick! Almost there!

  9. OOooooh so so so close!! Good luck!!! Take care

  10. I will do my part in the 300 count - although I may have already? I'll check... Thanks for your kind comments on the Minnesota photos. I actually took a nice camera with me - it's new to me and I wanted to practice with it and learn - but do you think I had it with me when I wanted it? Of course not. So I think the i-Phone did a magnificent job, all said.
    I enjoy your photography and am anxious to become better at it myself. And as for humidity - you know all about that, don't you?

  11. I've popped over on the recommendation of Sush. I knew if she recommended it, you would be well worth a visit!! Here's to your 300th Follower. That really is quite an achievement. Well done!

  12. May the Force be with you. 300 s now reachable.
    You left me a message but I am so new ,I don't know what it means. What will I be sent if I say yes?

    This is a great site and I will encourage others to find it. I first used it to find other sites. Terry

  13. Recommaned my Sush said we must come check you out. Like what Ive seen and will be helping you achieve your 300 as I am one now.
    Looking forward to gettting to know you.

  14. Thanks to all for your recommendations.
    I've had a bunch of new folks visit and follow thanks to you guys.
    You're the best.

  15. Wow 300 is a lot!! I just hit 100. How do you keep up? I try to keep up with all who visit me and more!!
    I know you'll make it soon!
    Love Di ♥

  16. Let's see - I am over here from Sush and now I see a lot of my friends here. I'm not 300 but I'll help get you there.

  17. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog...and for following me.
    Good luck getting your 300!
    I'm following!

  18. How exciting! Good luck!


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