Monday, August 29, 2011

Copy Cat

I guess my truck got jealous with Jilda's car Ingrid getting all the attention from our friends on Blogger. Not to be outdone, it started having transmission problems as well. Grind, bump, shudder, roll...........
So, I took him down to the shop and the guys started drooling. "Oh, it's you again, and soooooo soon." I asked the owner if I'd need to knock of a liquor store, or hit a bank instead.
He told me not to panic, let them have a look. "Once we isolate the problem, a good panic attack might be in order," the mechanic said cheerfully.
I'm whining a little, but Ingrid and my truck are still in good shape. Spending a few thousand dollars on auto repairs is never much fun, but when you measure that against $20,000 to $30,000, it's much easier to swallow.
Jilda and I are not frequent car buyers. We get a car (or truck) we like and we drive them until the wheels fall off.
So, I'm going to wait until payday to hit the liquor, when the registers are full -- If you happen to be in law enforcement, and you happen across this blog, I'M KIDDING!


  1. I hope it's not too bad. Then you'll only need to knock over some kid's lemonade stand.

    OK, no, I'm kidding, too. That would be really mean to knock over a lemonade stand. You'd never do that.

  2. You're right Lois.....unless it was a very successful stand:)

  3. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Maybe the kids/grandkids education funds would suffice. lol.
    We gave our old black beauty up when she turned eleven and got ourselves a new car...the wild child... Now that we are getting older and are retired we will likely drive less so hopefully this one will last a little longer.

  4. Went in for a number 1 (cheapest) car tune up today and came out with new brakes and the news that my front tires are 'shredding' from inside - weird. :(

    Last week my desktop died (logic board and video card) and the new replacement has sound flaws, iTunes has crackles and static and sounds tinny) and the built in camera is all flash and no form so it has to go back (3 hours of driving/talking etc). Haven't broken the news to the store but I did buy a 3 year warranty.

    I am just waiting for the hot water heater to flood the basement to bring it up to 3.

    - Joy

  5. I always sweat a little bit when the car has to go into the shop. We are long time drivers of our cars too, and we will own them for quite awhile longer I imagine. I'm glad you understood the fabulousness of fried chicken and waffles. I had a feeling you would...

  6. We used to buy old cars and my husband fixed them himself. He even rebuilt motors. He can't do that any longer so we bought a newer car. I hope it lasts a good long time.

  7. Auto repairs are never easy. It is highway robbery to say the least. Yet we pay as we cannot do it ourselves or we would. Like you and your Jilda we drive until the wheels fall and gladly pain the price of repairs. A small token of the joy to give when I think of the cost of a new one.
    Hope the expense isnt to bad.
    I wont let the law enforcement know your in the niehgobrhood so if you need to knock off a bank here. :)


  8. We drove our cars so long no one even wanted them as a donation! Our mechanic used to work on jet engines so I'm quite happy with his work. He really is the first mechanic we've found we trust. When he said it was time to get a new one we knew it was all over and the Fat Lady had finished her song...

    But we do have two new cars (and a smaller retirement fund)!

  9. Had a similar experience with our altima (the one my daughter's drives to college) just this week. Last summer it was my truck. The joys of vehicle maintenance!

  10. So far all my cars in the last 20+ years have been relatively repair shop free. Knock on metal.
    I have a theme going for my car names.
    Sopwith Camel - red, Corrolla FX Hatchback - looked like Snoopy's dog house
    Next came, Linus - a light blue Prelude - like Linus' blanket!
    Charlie Brown was my beige, boring Camry
    Now I have Sally - Ford Fusion

    Thinking I'll need a yellow VW bug to have a car named Woodstock.

    Good luck with your car...and you should never knock over a lemonade stand to repair a lemon car...that's just bad "CARma" - hee hee....couldn't resist!

  11. Okay now - just where do you live?

  12. Somehow I can totally see you and Jilda do a Bonnie and Clyde! :-)

    Take care

  13. We have 3 old cars in the faily and my daughter's makes 4! They have ALL had to have major repairs lately...yuck! We've been breaking even babies piggy bank..ha!

  14. I hate buying much many payments...that's why my car is 10yrs. old and Jack's beloved van (I call it the rattlesnake)is 15yrs. old...oh well, they're paid for, they run, they love us back I'm kidding!


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