Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

The photo shoot went good yesterday. The publisher of the magazine is a young guy that had never fly fished before.
Call me fiendish, but I'd rented some waders for him so that he could get out in the river and shoot the pictures. I also fitted my old fly reel and rod with some dry flies, just in case.
After he shot the pictures, I asked him if he wanted to fish for a while. I immediately thought of those anti-drug commercials they produced years ago where the drug dealer offered the kid some drugs.
Yes, I'm a fly fishing pusher. One cast and they're hooked for life.
He started out a little jerky. His line tangled after the second try, but then I let him use the "good stuff" (my good reel and rod) while I untangled his line.
He started casting like a pro, and his fly began to sail across the stream and into eddies near big mossy rocks. A few minutes later the water swirled up around his fly and he instinctively pulled the rod skyward toward the sun. You coud hear him squeal all up and down the river. He landed his first rainbow trout.
He had appointments and couldn't fish long, but he started peppering me with questions like, where d can I buy waders? Where did you buy your reel and rod? And have you ever fished in Montana?
I smiled as I pulled out of the parking lot, and thought to myself - another one bites the dust.

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  1. Priceless! Jack would be so jealous..he's always wanted to fly fish. One of these days he'll do it I'm sure, then I'll be a fishing widow! I hope you'll post the pics too.


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