Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lung-munching gnats

An approaching band of rain as wide as Florida prompted us to walk early this morning. The humidity was high, but a breeze out of the southeast felt good on my face.
On the second lap I'd just walked up the steep part of our trail when a gnat came out of nowhere and flew straight down my windpipe.
I've coughed so much I have a headache and my throat is sore. I'm not sure if that little bugger is still down there somewhere crawling around or not, but that's what I imagine. 
UPDATE: I just called the nurse-line for my insurance and she said I would most likely live and I was glad to hear those words.
She said it was probably already gone but if I felt it tickling my lung I should call my doctor in the morning.
I'm about to drink a cup of hot tea and call it a night. I plan to sleep tight and not let the lung-munching gnats bite.


  1. So sorry about your lung gnat...I have had them in my eye, mouth..no lung gnat keeper here. Feel better.

  2. YUCK! So glad it wasn't anything bigger! I have had those pesty little things try to fly in my nose.

  3. OH yuck. That is almost as bad as drinking a soda that you haven't noticed the steady stream of ants inside...

    I once ate a marshmallow with a carpenter ant in it. Dang thing bit that dangling thing in the back of my throat.

    I should really start checking my food before eating it, yes?

  4. This post made me itch and twitch and also I thought of one good thing..you don't have to watch to see if it exits anywhere..if you get my drift.


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