Sunday, August 05, 2012

Impromptu Gathering

It was an impromptu gathering. We got a call while gassing up Ingred (Jilda's Volvo) just after lunch. My nephew James said he, his wife Andrea, and "the kids" were coming for a visit this evening. 
Daisy, Jordan, Stone, and Breeze
While it was not explicitly said, it was implicitly implied that we should have eggs....a lot of eggs.
His kids love Jilda's deviled eggs. There are four of those kids and I think they could eat three dozen deviled eggs. I base that on the fact that they ate two dozen (1/2 eggs) tonight without breaking a sweat.
They love coming here because Jilda has wooden building blocks in a special tub with water colors, brushes, play dough, puzzles, books and puppets. No time for TV here, there are activities to be completed. 
What was interesting tonight was Caillou the Wonder Collie's first exposure to ALL the kids at the same time.
He's a herder by nature. He likes for all his peeps to be close to each other. These kids were all over the house and it was driving this dog crazy. As soon as he fetched one kid and got them back into the herd, another one bolted. He fretted all evening until the kids left.
Our house is a quite place. A place where you can do yoga, or meditate for long stretches of time and not be interrupted. 
But tonight it was a madhouse. We loved having them over, but like Caillou, I was worn out by the time they left.


  1. Devilled eggs!! Yum!!! Yay for such a madhouse of adorable muppets and good on Caillou!!

    Take care

  2. You house is a kiddo magnet with all the fun activity stuff...much more interesting than TV any day. With all those eggs Ingred won't be the only thing gassed up! (thankfully you don't have that to worry about!)

  3. I had floor to floor grand kids recently...loved every minute of the visit...sure wish I would have thought to make deviled eggs. Like you I was worn out.:)


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