Thursday, August 09, 2012

Weather Report

The sun was shining when I left home this morning. I had meetings and an interview in Birmingham which is over 30 miles away.
The first meeting was with the Alabama Media Professionals at the Homewood Library at 11 a.m.. As I flipped on my blinker to pull into the parking lot, a few drops of rain peppered my windshield.  But less than a minute later as I backed into my parking place (yes, I always try to back into parking spaces) I heard a bolt of lightening strike something dangerously close. Then it started raining sideways.
I reached behind the seat for my trusty umbrella that's as big as a parachute. I shouldered my laptop, cracked the door, and jabbed the umbrella skyward before clicking the release and pushing the ribs up.
When I stepped out and closed the door, a gust of wind caught the underside of the umbrella and it felt as though I were being launched back into the street.
I hunkered down and made my way inside; mindful that I was clinging on to a metal lightening rod.
When I reached the lobby, my shirt was dry as snuff, but my legs from the thighs down looked as though I'd been fly fishing without waders.
The meeting lasted about 90 minutes and the lights flickered several times, but when I walked outside afterwards, the sun was back out baking the pavement making the city a big honkin' steam room.
I'm not whining. We need the rain. I complained a few years ago and it didn't rain between the months of June and September. My garden was dry enough to smoke.
So, just consider this post a local weather report for Birmingham, August 9th 2012.


  1. This post had a different approach, but I do like it!

  2. You got the most important bits dry!! LOL! Take care

  3. aLoved the writing...especially the similies and metaphors.

  4. We're having our typical Florida in August almost daily thunderstorms.


  5. lol
    We usually are missed where I live and get a misty rain in the back yard.
    Heck it always rains in BC.
    If we get some sunshine we basque in it because it will be short lived.
    I guess in the interior its a bit different. They get tons of snow and we get nothing.


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