Friday, August 03, 2012


I've formatted, formatted, and reformatted my new book today. Things that should have been so simple turned into gnarly-mangy-ill-tempered bears today.
I've said so many wordy-durds today that I'm not sure what kind of penitence will be required to get them stricken from my permanent record.
I started back one this project just after coffee this morning and I worked straight through until 1 p.m. when Jilda insisted I take a break, eat lunch and take a nap.
I tried to nap, but I kept seeing object styles, paragraph styles and glyphs on the inside of my eyelids. She headed out to work at 2 and I came back in my office where I duked it out for another two hours before I decided to take the dogs for a walk.
It felt good to get out and sweat a little. After the walk I started again. It's like a quest now. I cannot let it defeat me.
I saved all my files tonight just before I sat down to write this. I could ship the book off as-is, but there's a little additional sprucing up I'd like to do. 
I can tell you right now, this stuff is not for wimps. Writing this book was the easy part. Of course, what I'm learning now will make book three and beyond a piece of cake, but I can tell you putting this one together has been brutal.


  1. Can't wait to read it! Hope your follow up visit was less tortuous!

  2. Wow you got me intrigued lol
    Glad it's done.

  3. I'm not glad you're having such a hard time, but my husband would be gratified to hear of the difficulty. He's a graphic artist who works in the publishing world, and that is his life: laying out words to fit so it all looks beautiful and flows. So many people think all he has to do is push a button and - VOILA! - it's done. No - it takes a lot of hours and hard work. Will we get to see your book?

  4. I had to reformat to write a book for Smashwords. It is lots of work. Good luck with all of it!

  5. You sound just like a writer.:)

  6. Good luck with your book! I'm sure it will be great and I give you so much credit for all the hard work. I have enough trouble just doing a blog post!

  7. Brutal...good for you to keep at it. I am nowhere in that realm. I think writers are amazing. Cheer on!


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