Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ebb and Flow

A few years ago Jilda and I went to the beach on my birthday. We rented a friend's condo which is on the beach at Gulf Shores. 
We arrived the night before and the next morning I got up early and walked to the edge of the ocean and sat listening to the surf.
As the morning slowly came alive, I looked to the east and then to the west and I could not see another soul.
I sat by the water's edge and Jilda walked barefoot down to the water and brought coffee. We sat quietly and watched the sun rise. The ocean sounded like the breath of God. 
That memory came to mind tonight as I struggled with a topic for this entry. 
The last few weeks have been intense with deadlines approaching like fast-moving trains.
I could have gotten in a tizzy, but I'd write for a while and then take a walk.
There've been times in the past, I would have tried to simply grind on through, but I've learned that if your mindful of the ebb and flow of your energy, you can work effectively longer. Or, that's the approach I've been using this week.
I still have a few more days before I get far enough into the tunnel to see a light at the other end.
Maybe when I get caught up, Jilda and I can head down to the beach for a few days. I think that would do my spirit some good.


  1. Heading to the beach always helps me to feel peaceful and helps me to think. Hope you can make it there!

  2. Hope you get to head for the beach soon too! Take care

  3. Hope the beach is in your near future.

  4. Water is soothing and healing. I would love to live near the ocean but I find that even a pond can be peaceful and a good retreat. Some days just seeing the shower helps! Hope you can get to the beach soon!

  5. Going to the beach sounds lovely. Please make time for it.



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