Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Righting an Unintentional Wrong

I had an interesting morning. My first interview was at 9 a.m. It was with a set of triplets who all became Eagle Scouts recently. That's quite an accomplishment.
I haven't done any research, but I'm guessing that not many sets of triplets do all the work necessary to become Eagle Scouts. They were delightful kids, getting ready to head off to college tomorrow.
The interview went well and just before I left, a member of the Alabama House of Representatives from the local district came to present the boys with a commendation from the Governor. 
After the interviews, and photos, I gathered up my laptop and camera bag and started out.
The representative said "I'll walk out with you." 
He was very complementary of my writing for the papers. I told him the stories to which I'd been assigned were remarkable.
I mentioned the story I did back in March with the WWII pilot whose plane was shot down over France. I could tell he hadn't read that story because he was spellbound.
When I told him the pilot was notified of a promotion to Captain the morning of the day he was shot down. But everyone thought he was killed when the plane crashed, so his promotion had been canceled.
I told the representative that I wish I knew someone who could help him get his promotion.
The representative became animated. I could tell he was extremely taken by the story and wanted to help. He asked me to send him the information, and I did.
I'm sure these guys get all kinds of requests constantly and he may or may not be able to right an unintentional wrong. I will tell you this --  if he can make this happen, it will restore some of my faith in our elected officials.


  1. Here's hoping that will be corrrected, and soon.

  2. Oh gosh, what an awful thing to have happened. Totally unfair.
    Hope he gets his promotion :)

  3. Sometimes wonderful things can happen from a chance encounter. Pretty neat that those triplets all got their Eagle Scout. Not an easy accomplishment.

  4. Congrats to those young men getting Eagle Scout! You're right, to come up with 3 different projects from the same family at the same time to earn this award is pretty difficult. They must have an awesome Mom! (I'm sure a wonderful Dad too!..just had to plug for the Mom!)I'm so sick of all the mug slinging going on in this election year that hearing about a government official doing something so wonderful for this man would be a welcome relief!

  5. Great story - keep us posted!

  6. You might send a letter, too, thanking him for listening to the story.



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