Thursday, August 30, 2012

Regularly Scheduled Life

I think America was once a civil nation with kind and caring people. Politicians rarely saw eye to eye, but they hooked and jabbed and found middle ground. Not everyone was happy but in the end, Americans won. We might not have agreed totally with the outcome, but it was usually something we could live with.
Maybe all the dirty stuff has always been around forever, and I was just too naive to see it. I know this: when both sides of the political spectrum sling mud, tell lies, and stoop to new levels of low each day, I feel almost as if they are dragging me down with them. 
I for one will be happy when the elections are over, and we can get back to our regularly scheduled lives.


  1. IN this era of continuous electioneering I'm afraid it may be impossible to "get back to our regularly scheduled lives."

  2. I thought the Republican Convention was great! They are making a real effort putting in fresh blood.
    It made me proud to be an American again lol (See how close we Canadians are with the US?)
    America the beautiful, the free, united. A lot of effort has to be made to unite her again so she reigns proud and continues to lead in the world.
    Sometimes even the greatest countries need a breather. It would be a different world if our North American Continent didn't stand united.I believe in America.
    and so should you.

  3. And so much money involved too!

    Take care

  4. I second that! Can't wait until it's over.

  5. I can't wait for the elections to be over too. I hate all the mud-slinging these politians seem to enjoy doing.

  6. I decided the whole thing is toxic to me and my thinking...if all the time, energy and money were spent making the country a better place we would all be much better off.

  7. I'm YaYa and I approve your message...Amen brother!

  8. I agree. It's been especially nasty this time around. I have so many friends who have opposite views from mine, and I would like to understand, but 1) I don't want to get into a heated discussion with a friend and 2) when you go on those sites where people are commenting a mile a minute, everyone is SO MEAN. I don't dare say anything - what would be the point? I don't understand what happened to questions and answers and listening. There's no rule you have to agree but there's no need to be hateful either. Respect has gone out the window apparently!


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