Friday, August 31, 2012

Warm Day in Alabama

Jilda had a procedure at 8:00 and I took my journal, my laptop, and a book to read. The beauty of being a freelancer is that with a laptop, any place with a wireless connection is an office.
Before my high-tech earphones, the area had to be quiet, but that restriction is now history. 
Today I sat in a buzzing waiting room with a TV droning at a volume that could do permanent ear damage had I been a step closer, but I plugged in my earphones, and clicked on Mozart, and the noise faded like life in your rear-view mirror.
I had opened my research for a story I'm working on and was just about to dive in head first when Jilda walked back out to the waiting room.
I thought she'd come to get me to sign papers, or to sit with her during the scan, but she was through and ready to head home.
I snapped the lid of my laptop down, satcheled it and we were on our way home less that 15 minutes after we arrived.
We returned home and I worked for a few hours on the story, and tying up some loose ends before the holiday weekend. And just before noon, my stomach began making noise.
If you happened to read her blog last night, she mentioned that she really wanted a Po Boy from the Blackrock Grill for lunch today. That actually sounded very good to me so we headed out.
I think I've written about the Blackrock Grill before, but I heard (though I've never confirmed this story) the people who started the restaurant fled from New Orleans after Katrina. They landed in Jasper and decided to stay. They opened the restaurant and it's some of the best food around.
Today I got a shrimp Po' Boy with fries, and Jilda got an Oyster Po' Boy with sweet-potato fries. Both were delicious. We drove home in a bliss that comes only from being well fed.
The weather has been strange this week. We were fortunate that Hurricane Isaac skirted around us, but today reminded me of the time I spent in Panama.
It was 80 degrees at 7 a.m. this morning and when the sun came up the mercury lept into the low 90s. The rest of the day was a sea-saw of rain and blistering sun. The sun made it like a steam room and the the rain came back again. It was a vicious cycle.
Tonight our great-nephew called to say that the moon was out and big. I realized that the full moon tonight is the second for August, which means it's a blue moon.
I hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend.


  1. I saw the blue moon on the way to work since I had to leave extra early. It was also my anniversary and we celebrated 38yrs..something that might only happen once in a blue moon in today's society! Those sandwiches sound yummy and I'm glad Jilda was able to get in and out so quickly. I wish you both a wonderful labor free weekend!

  2. I take crossword books whenever I have to be in a waiting room. The time passes fast. I'm glad Jilda's procedure went so quickly and you have a great new place to eat. Have a fun long weekend too.

  3. A fast time with anything to do with medical is always a good thing! Glad she got her lunch that she was looking forward to! You both sound like special people...


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