Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Click to see the oil painting effect
OK, I'll have to admit, the garden is a little sad. We're still getting tomatoes, strawberries, and some peppers, but I have't tended it as I should.
When I stepped down today, the sun was setting off to the west and highlighted this weed.  I started to pull it up, but I reached for my iPhone instead and snapped this picture.
As I often do, I used the oil paint filter on Photoshop to turn it into something else.
If only you could Photoshop the garden in real life.
Use a few filters and brushes to take care of the weeds, darken to soil around the plants to make it more fertile.
Put a layer of rain to give thirsty roots a drink.
On the upside, I used the new tiller to work another part of the garden to plan okra and purple-hull peas. They are growing like this weed.
I expect I'll have purple fingers from shelling bushels of peas within a week or so.
I'd rather not Photoshop that, because shelling peas is something I actually enjoy. It's an activity that lets you see instant results from your work.
After you finish, you get to feast on hot-buttered cornbread and field-fresh peas, and I know from experience, there are worse things in life.


  1. I'm yet to photoshop anything! LOL!! Nothing beats natural though - esp. fresh peas! Take care

  2. Such a great post. My only comment is that "weeds" are really just misunderstood plants - ones whose real purpose has not yet been discovered.

  3. Great photo effect. I've always loved sitting on my front porch shelling peas or butterbeans. I cheat now though; I usually have a big fan blowing on me to chase the heat away!

  4. My Mom used to grow lots of peas and beans and we'd be shelling them too for winter. What fun!!


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