Friday, August 17, 2012

Old Photographs

We have company coming tomorrow evening so I've spent time today cleaning out my office and the yard.
I came across a box of old photographs and my work came to a screeching stop. I've been taking photographs ever since I was in the Army in 1971, and for that reason, I'm not in a lot of family photos because I'm behind the lens. But I didn't take any of these photos.
This picture ran in the newspaper in 1975. The local heritage association had saved an old log cabin and moved it to the campus of Walker College in Jasper.
Our friend Winfred Sandlin who worked at the school and is a historian, asked us to play for the dedication for the log cabin.
I started growing a beard the following year and I've had one ever since.
Jilda's mom Ruby clipped this photograph from the paper, framed it in a Woolworth frame and hung it on her wall. We took it down and packed it away after her mom died and it's been in my office under a stack of computer books for software I haven't used in years.
I didn't want to lose the picture again, so I scanned it and put it in a folder so that I know exactly where it is.
I hope you all have a remarkable weekend.


  1. I find putting stuff on the net is easier than finding it in my files lol
    I spend a lot of time looking for things especially my glasses.
    It's always good to keep old things.
    I disagree to have technology take over completely.

  2. o now those were the days! Huh? What does that phrase mean?
    We are close to the same age, dude!

    I graduated at age 18 in 1971. I'll be 60 in February. Yup - me and all those others out there the BOOMED in the 1950's.

    Thanks for sharing and helping me realize I need to scan more pictures I've got tucked away.

  3. So glad you found it...a flash from the past...You talented one...sing, guitar and write!

  4. Wait, are you sure that's not Jim Croce next to that gorgeous gal? Great pic...I love treks down memory lane. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  5. What a beautiful couple you were and still are!

  6. We recently acquired a bunch of old pictures of my Great Grandfather. He was secret service for 4 presidents. The photos are amazing, not just because he is along side, Hoover, Edison, and the like.... but more because of how much he looks like my uncle. :)


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