Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Feeling Small

Light Festival from Cool Hunter site
I stumbled across a new website that is visually stunning. The site is Cool Hunter and has things like Architecture, Lifestyle, Food, Fashion, Art, and the list goes on. I spent some time perusing and it didn't take long to realize the website is stunning.
One of the "Events" I clicked on was a light festival in Belgium which is the photograph to the right.
Another even was a balloon festival.
Looking through the architecture section revealed some amazing structures.
(Shifting gears, but still on a tenuous thread) I'm listening to a book on tape (actually it's an Audible book on my iPhone) entitled De Vinci's Ghost.
I am absolutely blown away by what these folks did a thousand years ago without the benefit of computers, modern instruments, or other tools that makes it possible to do our work today.
Only a few thousands pages of Leonardo's notebooks have survived.
The knowledge lost when the Library of Alexandria was destroyed is incalculable.
All I know is this: looking at the world around us, and reading about the giants of history, I feel kind of small.


  1. My Dad used to say he knew exactly why the Mona Lisa had such an unusual smile. He said it was because while Leonardo DeVinci was painting her, he also had one of his machines that he was working on behind him in the same room. He was convinced that quizzical smile on the Mona Lisa was from her trying to figure out what the heck that contraption was that Leonardo was working on.

  2. And to think that maybe another civilization lived which is under the ocean today and can't be excavated is another something to think about that's unbelievable.
    Intelligence is when a man can sit down and calculate on his own and think on his own but if machines do everything for us then what happens when the machines with all their chips disappear? Man is left with square one.

  3. I don't mind feeling small next to give me a reason to really stretch!


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