Saturday, July 27, 2013

A humbling experience.

Jilda and I performed at a charity event tonight to raise money for a program that gives food on the weekends to kids living in poverty.
Our friend Leneda discovered several years ago that an alarming number of kids did with out food on weekends.
She got some people and local businesses involved to donate and distribute food. It's a worthy cause.
This year she asked several local authors to sell books at the event and donate part of the proceeds to the charity.
It really wasn't a book-buying event, but even so, I sold some books which provided some money to the charity.
The best part for me was when a young man came up to the table and picked up a copy of Remembering Big. "Hey, I know this book," he said.
He explained that his dad sent him a copy when the young man was deployed in Iraq. "It was like a taste of home," he said. It made my night.
We never know where our words will end up, and what impact they have on people that we don't know and may never meet.
It was a humbling experience.

Summer Sunset


  1. What a good feeling that the young man read your book. I'm sure it comforted him because your writing is so soothing. Children going hungry during the summer is quite common because they don't have a school lunch program. A facility in my neighborhood provides lunch and an afternoon snack to kids up to 18.


  2. Hello Rick...Glad the young man had read your book.

    Glad, too, there are people helping the children living in poverty.

    No child should ever go to bed hungry in the United States of America. Susan

  3. Anonymous10:59 PM

    His comment made your day doubly good!!

  4. That is awesome Rick, I am glad you were able to experience this :)

  5. It's wonderful to know that you had such meaningful experiences yesterday, Rick.
    Thank you for sharing them.
    It is very inspiring.

  6. That is really cool! Your words comforted that young man.

  7. What a great organization to be able to give a hand..a book.. or music talent to help hungry kids. We have a place called the "Kroc Center"'s run by the Salvation Army and Ray Kroc (owner of McDonalds) gave a grant to our community to help build it. They have a cute water spray park (no pool)and playground and free lunches are given out to any children that are there. How wonderful that your book helped one of our soldiers to feel some part of home. It is a small world after all!

  8. I don't believe in coincidences, only in God-incidences.

    Friday I was in a long line at the mall and spontaneously told the woman in front of me that I loved the beautiful sleeveless white cotton shirt she was holding. (It had a ruffle of little pleats down the front. I'm sure you're interested in that detail, Rick.) She was wearing a severe suit and said that for 30 years she had worn combat boots and a uniform. I immediately asked her where she had served and she named off many places including Afghanistan. I tried to thank her for her service and then mentioned the Wounded Warriors project when she pointed to herself, smiled and told me she was involved heavily in that as she was head of Veterans' Affairs in our state.

    For once I was so grateful for a long line that gave me the chance to talk to this beautiful petite woman whose whole family has long been in service for our country. It, too, was a humbling and enlightening experience. One I would not have missed for the world.

    I don't believe in coincidences, Rick. I bet you don't either.

  9. It must have felt great.


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