Monday, July 15, 2013

Random Stuff

I love it when a blog turns into a column. I had a feeling when I finished last night's post about the dove
I shot this photo near San Francisco,
it has nothing to do with this post :)
in my chicken pen, that it would wind up in a column.
This morning I poured a cup of java, grabbed the laptop and headed to the screen porch to write. The words flowed and I finished Sunday's column in about an hour.
As I typed, I heard a chirping sound. At first I thought a bird had gotten inside the screen, but as I moved around searching for the source, I realized it was coming from our ceiling fan.
Before I got through editing, the fan began to slow down. I stepped inside and flipped the switch to put that baby out of its misery.
This afternoon I headed out to Home Depot and picked up a replacement. A few hours later, the new fan was installed.


  1. That should be a good column for the paper, I enjoyed the story! I was glad your fan was the problem..for a minute I thought a bird was caught in the fan! It must be the time of year for fans to go out..our kitchen one is acting weird and Home Depot may find us checking a new one out too!

  2. Good job! I thought there was a bird caught in the fan, too! lol I suppose the weather takes it toll there on outdoor fans. No one here has them at all- xo Diana

  3. I like the picture on the side.
    Glad you blog got into your column.:)

  4. It's great when you can find a topic and just write with ease... so awesome that you were able to make a column out of this one:)

  5. Writing can be such a challenge at times. When the story and words come together like that, it makes it worth all the effort. It was a good story and it will make a great column.

  6. I like the low rythmic hum of a ceiling fan but a constant chirp would be a bit annoying :)

  7. You are having something breaking down just about every week. You should take bet on what will break next, lol. I'm glad that you got it fixed promptly.
    I thought that the dove had become attached to you and and had returned although they coo rather than chirp.

  8. There's a story in everything if you look hard enough!!

  9. Those simple day-to-day moments sometimes make for interesting stories!

  10. You are an amazing man. You didn't procrastinate about the fan. Please visit me and help with my house. I shall toss rose petals everywhere you go and thank Jilda for being my sister wife (though we can keep it platonic, no problem).


  11. Living where you do must supply you with endless stories! I know I love to hear them all.


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