Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I had meetings today and afterwards, a therapy session for my ailing shoulder and knees, so I headed out early.
Jilda handed me a honey-pickup list for the grocery store, so I left with a plan.
The air was humid, and my shirt went limp before I made it to the truck. Once out of the driveway, I cranked down the window to feel closer to the day.
I could smell freshly mown grass, and a hint of wood smoke. It seems a lot of people decided this week to clear and burn debris.
When I rolled onto the bridge crossing the Sipsey Fork of the Warrior River, I glanced in my rearview to make sure no one was behind me, then I slowed to a crawl to get a better view of the jade-green water flowing its circuitous route southward to the sea. Note to self: go fishing soon.
After my errands, I headed home. I unloaded the few bags of groceries and took them inside before returning to heft the 40 pounds of birdseed out of the back of the truck.
When I leaned over to drop the tailgate, I noticed something blue out of the corner of my eye.
I stepped back over to get a better look and saw that it was the feather of a jay. I picked it up by the quill and rolled it between my thumb and index finger.
I tucked it behind my ear and hefted the sack of birdseed out of the truck and took it inside.
Jilda loves blue jays so I laid the feather on her computer.
An odd gift I know, but one I knew she'd appreciate.


  1. You know it only takes one little thing to let someone know you love them. Very sweet.

  2. Sweet gift...
    Lovely photo, too.
    Go fishing! It's so good for one.

  3. That was a thoughtful gift, one she will keep and remember :)

  4. Blue Jays are beautiful birds. Meaner than fire but beautiful nonetheless haha. BTW I was just in Alabama last week Rick. Eufela and Dothan. Are you familiar?

  5. A feather is one gift I've never been given. That's very sweet and romantic.


  6. I notice the blue feathers too... have one sticking out of the neck of a bottle up on a shelf.

    Funny story: My SIL was a wildlife officer (retired now). I said something one day about my cousin wanted some feathers to make dream catchers. He told me it was against the law to use feathers from our native birds. I couldn't believe it and asked even if we pick one up off the ground, and he said even then.

    So one day I found a beautiful blue feather, placed it folded in a sheet of paper in an envelope with no message and sent it to him. My daughter said he wondered who would have sent it. Then he finally figured out that it was me... He told my daughter he was tempted to send me a ticket with no explanation...but he's not mean. LOL

  7. I love how you photo shop pics! They look like cool paintings. I think your gift of a feather is sweet and thoughtful! Did you undo the therapy by lifting 40lb bags? My back just had a little spasm thinking about it!

  8. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I would have loved that gift!!

  9. That was a lovely gesture.
    I love blue jays and sonce we have the balcony garden I find a hummingbird and wasps come to visit.
    So now I have to put up a hummingbird feeder so I can watch it
    feed on the sweet nectar of this home.
    In the mean time I just clipped some clippings from the bushes I have, dipped them in rooting powder and planted them in small potts just to see if anything comes out.
    Three bushes already rooted and are bushing out. They have very fragrant flowers on them.

  10. You know, it's usually the simplest of gifts that are the sweetest, because they're from the heart.


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