Thursday, July 18, 2013

Whiney Baby

Did I mention that I've been going to therapy? I know, many of you are probably saying, "I knew he was a little off his rocker," but it's not that kind of therapy.
About six weeks ago, my niece's dog Lady, who is an overgrown pup, jumped on the pit bull next door. She was playing, but the pit, who is a good natured dog herself, didn't realize it was play time so she got rough. Her mate, who is also a good natured bulldog, joined the fray.
I took a broom out and separated the melee. The neighbors dogs scurried home but Lady was on the ground and I wasn't sure how bad she was.
I scooped her up (all 80 dead-weight pounds of her) and brought her inside to see how bad she was.
She was bleeding a little, and she seemed almost unresponsive. She had her eyes open, but it was like she was in shock.
We dressed her wounds and began making preparations to take her to the vet when she came around a little. After a while we fed her some sandwich meat and water and it looked as if she would be OK.
I, on the other hand, pulled something in my shoulder and it hurt.
I've pulled things before and usually after a day or two, I start mending, but the old shoulder didn't come around.
I saw my doctor and he did all the range of motion tests, and prescribed therapy. I've been going for almost a month and I've discovered that physical therapists are closet sadist. I'm actually going where my niece (who owns Lady) works as a physical therapist assistant.
At home she is a sweet child, but put her in a therapy room and BOOM, she made me howl like a drunken spider monkey.
I might complain, but I must admit that after a month of seeing her and her team, my shoulder feels great. It's almost as good as new, so perhaps she was justified in calling me a whiney baby.

Collard Field


  1. I'm sorry you were injured, and I'm very grateful Lady is okay. Dog fights are very frightening.


  2. Anonymous9:32 PM

    One of my daughters-in-law is a physical therapist. She always seemed so gentle, until one day she was working on my foot...

    Glad you & Lady are OK!!

  3. Love your description of the physical therapist. Brought a chuckle to me.
    Feel better (so you can quit going to the torturer!!😊)

  4. Glad your shoulder is getting well.. what did they do.. let the whole collard field go to seed...

  5. I hope your shoulder will get better soon. My daughter starts next week for her back! sandie

  6. Wow a whole month of therapy? Glad its better.
    I had to heat my shoulder for 6 months before it began feeling normal.
    I am glad the dog was ok Poor thing.

  7. Oh Rick... I had to smile..I am in physio for my knees... I can see it will be painful before it gets better... I'll be a whiny baby too...;-)

  8. I agree those therapists have a license in sadism. I'v been worked on too. Glad you hear you are on the mend.

  9. I had therapy on my injured shoulder and it doesn't tickle for sure. My shoulder is much better but not 100%. I hope your shoulder will get all better.

  10. Ouch, plenty of empathy from here for shoulder pain. Not fun at all. I had similar experiences with a physical therapist. I wasn't sorry at all when it came time to return to sea with my husband so I could stop going to have my neck and shoulder worked over a couple of times a week.

  11. I feel for you. I've never had to have therapy, but my husband did after knee replacement and I saw the therapist in action. I think it is worth it though to feel better.

  12. LOL- Well, I'll call you a Poor Baby! My Hero has shoulder problems and does therapy, too. HE is a whiney baby! xo Diana

  13. Glad you and Lady are OK...I was going to send Jack your way! He will adjust dogs too!


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