Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I was writing on the screened porch just before lunch this morning when I heard Jilda say, "Rick, come here!"
I've come to understand that could mean anything to, from I just severed my left hand with a case knife, to I just got an email saying we got the gig at the coffeehouse.
Fortunately, today she was calling me to the kitchen window to see visitors under our apple tree. When I got to the window and looked out, there were two young deer eating the corn that we leave for them down there.
They munched leisurely, before scampering down toward the barn. We haven't seen these twin bucks in a year and they've grown.
I snapped a photo with my iPhone before heading into my office to fetch my camera with a telephoto lens.
By the time I returned, they were gone.
Note to self, keep the camera close at hand.


  1. Too bad you missed a close up. Twins! What fun-

  2. How neat. Deer are fascinating creatures. It would be nice seeing them so close, but extra special that it is in your own yard. I like those kind of surprise visitors.

  3. I can't see them Rick - are they in that photo? My eyes are getting really bad I think!
    How fun though - I live in the city - all I ever see are raccoons lol

    1. Anonymous1:28 PM

      I had to enlarge the photo--they're way in the back!!

  4. I am sorry you missed out on getting a really good picture... I love my phone for taking pictures but it is so great when I can use my camera and get the right shot:)

    I hope you get another chance to take another one soon :)

  5. That is so sweet, nice of them to check back in so you can see how they've grown!

  6. Isn't that always the way?? Lovely view, however. I can just make them out in the picture.

  7. So cool.
    My brother has a night camera that goes off when the deer come to feed in his back yard. Me, I live in an apartment so I see a few birds once in a while.!

  8. So sweet. If you click on the image for a larger view, you can actually catch a glimpse! That darn telephoto lens is never around when you need it! I know that feeling well.

  9. That happens to me all the time. What a beautiful view you have.

  10. If you feed them, they'll be back. We had a family of deers who came to munch on our vegetable garden and everything that was green till my son got a dog. They are keeping their distance now.
    They are so beautiful but they can be such nuisance.

  11. Yes like Jilda I can see them quite well once I clicked on the image for a larger view. Good capture!

  12. In winter my Dad used to always have all kind of animals come to his back yard.
    He would feed the rabbits and deer but he loved to fill a board full of food for the birds.During the year my Mom would collect the skins off chicken, roll them up and freeze them.
    Then in winter, they would chop the skins, and put out seeds and bread mixed with fat, these skins and left overs and the birds would just swoop down on the board and it would be gone in seconds. And it was funny cause they all shared. The falcons with the sparrows and blue jays, mocking birds and what ever else type of bird they had living in the neighborhood.
    They knew feeding time and would sit waiting and my parents would laugh and say look, they are waiting. Once you start you have to keep going cause everyone depends on you.

  13. cute! I love watching them, but we don't encourage them to snack! I hate when I miss a Kodak moment.

  14. Beautiful! Your property is amazing.

  15. Awwwww - great that these young deer have survived thus far! Brilliant!! Take care

  16. Rick, Thanks for following my blog. I forgot to tell you, I just followed you.

  17. I see one of them after enlarging the picture.
    Your deck and yard are beautiful!


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