Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Fountain Pens

It's interesting what people are drawn to. Jilda loves shoes, and vintage jewelry. Many of her friends go for diamonds and pearls. 
I, on the other hand, love fountain pens. I had the good fortune to work for a company that gave generous gifts for milestone service anniversaries and most of the time I selected fine fountain pens.
I use my pens when I'm writing in my private journal and when I autograph books. 
Cerulean ink as rich as velvet seems to make what I write more substantial. Even moments after the ink dries, it's like the words were written long ago.
Another thing I love about fountain pens is that they're not disposable. I've had some of my pens for over 20 years. 
A few years ago I signed books at a library and I left one of my pens on a side table where I'd stepped away to make a call. I was on my way home when I realized I'd left my pen. I immediately turned around to retrieve it. Driving 32 miles round trip for my pen seemed like a small price to pay.
Today when I pulled out one of my pens, the ink was sluggish and skipped. It was a Christmas gift that Jilda gave me several years ago, and it's one of my favorites.
I removed the nib, immersed the delicate instrument in warm filtered water and let it soak. After repeating the process three times, the water ran clear. I installed a new cartridge and now the pen is like new.
I think every writer should have at lease one fountain pen.


  1. Thanks for stopping by, and following along. I am following back thru Bloglovin. My hubs is a big fan of nice pens too, and also has a few that are as old as our kids : )

  2. I have always liked fountain pens, too. Mine had little pouches, not cartridges. That's really old!

  3. Anonymous9:33 PM

    I remember when you had to pull a lever & dip it into a bottle of ink. My God, I'm old!!

  4. I love those old fountain pens... they always wrote so smooth and were usually made high quality so that they lasted... hmmm... I should invest in one of these... :)

  5. Hello Rick....Oh, I'd love a fountain pen. What do you recommend as the best one that's not too expensive? Susan p.s. I once had a music teacher who signed everything with a fountain pen and she used only "peacock blue" ink. It was charming. Susan

  6. I have had fountain pens - bit I do have to tell you it was years ago!

  7. I agree with you. I love a nice fountain pen too. The person who has never used one has no idea what they are missing.

  8. My sister loves hers, I think they're neat, but I'd rather just have a stationary store :)

  9. What a funny coincidence that you should write this blog today.
    I was thinking about fountain pens today. I love them.I got India ink a long time ago and I keep it but the pens are hidden away in a box some where.Every time, I keep thinking, there is nothing like writing a letter or book or story with one such pen. It makes you pay attention to hand writing and the written word has so much more meaning when you hand write it.Every thing you write becomes an art form.

    Yes kids sure miss a lot today by being pushed and told they don't need to do what was done in the past. There will be a price to pay for all the missing links they grow up with.

  10. Oh-You are right- there is NOTHING like writing with a fountain pen. And I love cerulean ink. I only have one fountain pen but use it sparingly. For everyday use I now love the gel roller pens...blue/medium point...oh yeah!!!

  11. Anonymous1:48 AM

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  12. Well I never knew you could bathe a fountain pen!! Take care

  13. It's good that you got your fountain pen going like new again. I love a fountains pen too and I certainly would backtrack a hundred miles or more for a Montblanc fountain pen but wonder if they are worth the price though. I bet they don't write any better than my Shaffer. They are a status symbol and are outrageously priced.


  14. I gotta say, I love a good pen. When I find a pen that writes well, I hold onto it with all my might lol.

  15. The Hurricane once gave me a pink pen with my name on it. It was wonderful. I can't remember what happened to it.


  16. "Not disposable". That is a good thing for the environment. I should think of getting one of those.


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