Sunday, July 28, 2013

Good Riddance

There's been a mountain of debris in our yard from the storms that raked through in March. I knew the fire would be substantial so I kept waiting for the right time.
It's rained a great deal since then, but this morning after I fed the chickens, I carried a cup of coffee outside, pulled a lounge chair from the shed, and sat outside enjoying the morning. I licked my finger and held it up to gauge the wind. The wind today would have made a nervous pilot smile.
I pulled out my phone and checked the calendar to make sure we had nothing planned for the day. The calendar was a clean slate so I made a management decision to fire that yard-sore up.
The underlying wood was still moist from all the rain so the fire was a controlled burn. I've spent the day out in the fresh air feeding the fire with remnants of the storm.
I knew going in that it would take some time, and that's one of the reason it's been sitting in my back yard so long.
But it was one of those things that's hard to ignore. Each time I drove into the driveway I would chide myself...I've got to burn that stuff. Not only was it an eyesore, but it was a constant reminder of a difficult time in our lives.
So this evening, my knees are screaming, my muscles are spent, but that pile of wood is now smoldering ash.
Could I have found a more productive things to do with my time today? Perhaps, but it was one of those Important, but not Urgent tasks.
It feels good to strike that one off my list.


  1. I love it when I cross off something from my To Do list. Good for you.


  2. Anonymous11:03 PM

    There is nothing that you cannot do as long as you're supposed to be doing something else at that time!!

  3. ....cup of coffee, lounge chair, mild breeze and a fire....ahhh. Sounds like a plan to me!!

  4. Yeah for getting that done, I know what you mean... I have things that need to be done but since they are not urgent they just sit there... time for me to cross a couple of them off my list:)

  5. I've never understood how to read the wind by sticking a wet finger in the air! LOL!! Glad you got all that burning done! Hope you are not too achey this morning! (It's Monday morning here!). Take care

  6. I had a pile of wood once I had to do that with and we really enjoyed feeding it and sitting by it at night.
    Then I thought, why didnt I use it in a more creative way?
    Well time was one reason. We had none.

    My neighbor amassed a huge pile in his yard. It was more like a mountain of wood piled on top of each other. He waited till winter when the snow covered the field and then he lit it and had the biggest bon fire.
    This was the only way to burn a pile like that.
    It would have been too hot for summer months.
    I kept thinking he also had a two franklins he could have used the wood in winter to burn and heat with .
    That's what I would have done.
    Nothing like a crackling wood fire in winter.


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