Monday, July 22, 2013

Chicken Wings

Back in May, we lost both our hens the same week. One had health problems and a raccoon, or possum got the other one.
Zeus the mighty rooster was lonesome and you could hear it in his wakeup crowing each morning.
About a month ago Jilda and I got up early one Sunday morning and went to Lacon, which is an old timey flea market where you can buy fresh tomatoes, watermelons, parched peanuts, a used outboard motor, a hoe handle, or practically any small farm animal you can name (and some you can't).
We found two beautiful hens and brought them home. Since Zeus was named after one of the Greek gods, we decided to name the hens appropriately. So we call one Iris and the other Isis. Zeus was a happy boy.
Then last week, Iris noticed the bugs were bigger on the other side of the chicken wire so she flew over and began scratching pine straw and capturing nice fat red worms.
Isis soon followed. Our back yard is fenced so no neighborhood dogs could get to the chickens, but then they started flying over the chain-link fence too.
I spent a great deal of time shooing them back into their pen. I finally decided tonight to try and resolve the problem by clipping one of their wings.
I helped my mom do this many times when I was a kid. The idea is that with the long feathers of one wing trimmed, they can't get lift when they try to fly. That part works. But mom always said that even when the feathers grow back, the chickens won't try to fly out again because they forget they can fly.
To be honest, I don't remember if it works or not, but I'll know in a month or so.


  1. I have a wonderful recipe for Greek chicken..oops...just kidding! Hope all goes well and those little ladies stay home instead of flying the coop! What are parched peanuts? Jack's Mom was a nice southern lady who loved boiled peanuts and so does Jack..just never heard of parched ones..but then I'm an northerner!

    1. Interesting, you will have to let me know if that works... :)

    2. Parched peanuts are roasted peanuts in the shell. I like boiled peanuts too.
      We name our chickens so we won't get the urge to eat them, though there were times this week I was tempted to wring their necks.

  2. We name our chickens so we won't get the urge to eat them LMHO.............
    Good luck with keeping those ladies down Rick...

  3. I hope it works! And I love the names you gave them.

  4. I never knew they could fly even with all their feathers but they sure know how to run lol

  5. Awwwww big hello to Iris and Isis!! Lucky lucky Zeus! LOL! take care

  6. When I read they were flying over the fence, I thought, "Why don't you clip their wings"...and then I read further. This should work perfectly.
    I used to teach Greek Mythology. Love the names of your hens. Wondering where Hera is in the pecking order?

  7. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Good luck with the girls--you can't have them roaming the neighborhood like little tramps!!

  8. Welcome Iris and Isis.
    I learned something about hens today...

  9. Have you watched Orange Is The New Black on Netflix? One episode has a chicken who can fly over fences. I thought they made it up, but now I know it can be done.



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