Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Something we don't know

Walking this week we heard a droning sound as we walked through the canopy of pin oak, buckeye, and pine.
We keep the path trimmed but the trees keep reaching for sunlight. The result is almost like a tunnel through the underbrush.
The further we walked, the louder the droning sound became. Finally, at one end of the "tunnel", stood a sumac bush with a bloom the color of freshly churned butter.
Those blossoms contained thousands of bees. Some were honey bees, some were bumble bees, and there were other bees I can't name.
This has been a strange summer, and I can't help but thing that something's up. They're tanking up earlier than usual.
It's the same with our hummingbirds. We kept nectar out all spring and summer and saw only a few visits a day.
The last week they've been drinking almost a cup of nectar a day out of the two feeders by our windows.
You're taking your life into your own hands if you walk close to the blazing star, bleeding hearts, or old maids. You'll get cursing hummingbirds saying unkind things about your linage.
Normally we don't see this level of activity until late August. It's hard to say, but maybe they know something we don't know.


  1. We are seeing the same hyperactivity too. There must be something to it. Weird weather patterns this year - sure makes me wonder what is ahead.

  2. I agree, this has been a weird summer, even for California, the land of the weird....And yes, I definitely think the birds and the bees know something we don't....:)

  3. I have been reading everywhere that it is going to be an early Fall/winter season. I hope not- we had NO Spring and now the weirdest Summer ever!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog- I love gingersnaps, too, the really crunchy ones with extra "bite". I still can't reply to your comments because you come through as a NoReply commentor. xo Diana

  4. Those blooms are beautiful, Rick.
    I can smell autumn in the air already. I know. I know. I'm supposed to "feel" it...but I can literally smell the difference in the air.
    Those birds and those bees are smart. We'd better take notice and try and figure out what they know.
    Love this post.
    Sending you smiles, my friend...

  5. Anonymous10:45 PM

    I think I saw that in "Twilight Zone" once!!

  6. Hope the bees are ok!! They've had it pretty bad these past years so hopefully seeing them this early is a good sign, fingers crossed! Take care

  7. Climate change?
    Some very very strange weather here in Montreal too this year - it's actually a little frightening Rick!
    Maybe it's time to take a closer look at what we're doing to this planet -
    Birds do it - Bees do it - even educated fleas do it -

  8. It's been a very strange weather year here in Florida too. We've only had a couple of days with no rain, it's got all the rivers and lakes here almost out of their banks.

  9. Agreed. Nature is always much smarter than we are. Very good observations though.

  10. Longest period without rain in history, up here in the North West. One month.

  11. Keep us informed, please. Could it be the Second Coming?


  12. Sounds like it might be an early fall. Or maybe the Mayans were right but they were just off by a year? :)


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