Saturday, July 06, 2013

Not Today

Today we picked blackberries in the rain. Jilda and I walked after lunch when there was a pause in the wet stuff, and saw the vines were hanging full.
But toward the end of our walk the clouds opened up and it began drizzling. We walked faster with the ground squishing under our shoes. This is the fourth day of rain here, but after the drought five years ago, I made a promise to never whine about the rain.
We finished our walk, but we both felt it was a shame to leave the berries to the rain. If left unpicked, they grow soft and fall to the ground.
Jilda stepped inside to fetch a small round market basket that we use to gather berries. By the time we got back to the barn we both looked as if we'd showered. 
As we picked I could hear drops of rain ticking on the oak and hickory leaves. Down in the hollow, the creek that's usually just a trickle in summer, was roaring like a muted train from all the rain.
In the trees I could hear the jays and cardinals cursing at us -- "That was my berry he just picked. I've been waiting all week for it to ripen."
The birds love the berries as much as we do, so we always leave a generous helping of ripe berries for them.
Jilda will make us one of her blackberry pies tomorrow. 
Some days you work as if you're putting out fires, and at the end of the day when you look back, you have little to show.
But not today.


  1. You tell that Jilda girl to save me a piece of blackberry pie. I have not had homemade blackberry pie in ages! I used to love to pick them on the farm in PA. xo Diana

  2. How I love berries. Yesterday I thought of you two since my husband was playing his guitar and I thought you three should play together, maybe one day! I would love to listen

  3. Anonymous1:28 AM

    I'm with NanaDiana--I want a piece of that pie!!

  4. I wish I lived closer to an area that I could pick berries, I love when I have the opportunity:)

  5. It is a very nice thing that you guys leave some berries for the birds. Your bounty will increase because God is happy with you for being nice to his birds. Enjoy !

  6. Good for you for braving the rain to pick those ripe berries. Nothing like a fresh berry pie to really celebrate summer. Lucky you that you have Jilda to bake a pie for you.

    Complaining about the weather doesn't change a thing but make us more miserable.
    Enjoy your blackberry pie.


  7. Would Jilda mind shipping a blackberry pie to Kentucky? I'm asking for a friend...

  8. Ah, blackberry pie. Yum!

  9. I think Fed Ex ships pies all over the country....:)

  10. I had some blackberries today that I picked fresh from the grocery store..I'm betting yours were a million times better! Yummo..berry pie...Jack would be drooling over this if I showed it to him..which I won't because he would look at me like..hey, you could bake a berry Yaya girl! I know the birds enjoy those berries too, but I think many car owners are happy you have the pie on a plate instead of the berry droppings on the windshield!

  11. I picked blackberries a couple of weeks ago; they were in their 'waning' stage...but I was patient and got enough to make a blackberry cobbler. I love the slick dumplings like Mama used to make, so I phoned her and got her recipe. Mama is 81 and is THE best cook EVER.
    Reading this blog reminded me that when I picked the blackberries, it was raining, too. Perhaps we were gathering berries at the same time! :))


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