Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Beauty all around

And another thing about Sedona. We'd read a great deal about it before we journeyed there. One of the new age things we heard time and again was about energy vortexes. 

There are people who swear that Sedona is alive with these vortexes that you can actually feel. 

Some describe their experience as a spiritual awakening. Some say the experience made the hair on their arm stand up.

We walked all around Bell Rock which is said to be one area where energy vortexual experiences are common, but we didn't pick up any vibes.

We walked over half of Sedona, and while we didn't vibrate differently we found that it was unlike any place we'd ever been.

At one point we walked a path and saw several stacked stone markers. I'm not sure if they were put there by other tourists, Native Americans, or tour guides. 

We walked around one side of a formation, and saw these flowers growing between the rocks.  While we found no evidence of energy vortexes, we did find that beauty was all around us.



  1. Arizona is that...beautiful!

  2. It's been a long time since we've been to Arizona. Jack's brother lives there. It was really hot and not my fav stop out West..but Sedona was beautiful and so was Flagstaff. I try to see the beauty in places that I really would not want to live...usually it's not hard...we're truly blessed to live in a country with so much variety in climate and land.

  3. Looks an amazing place. Nothing like it in the UK that's for sure!!

  4. Energy vortexes, hm. I just don't trust anything called an energy vortex. It sounds like something out of a 1950s science fiction novel....


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