Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day

I kept thinking the snow would pass us by. The radar showed clouds all around us but in my mind, I kept seeing how it could miss us. I was wrong.
It started snowing about 4 p.m. and there's a good three inches on the deck. It will probably snow all night.
The weatherman says the temps will rise tomorrow and the snow should melt off as the day wears on, but that will remain to be seen.
I finished up most of my work today, so tomorrow I'm taking a snow day and playing with our great nephew Jordan.


  1. Snow days are excellent, especially when self-imposed.

  2. Enjoy your snow day!

  3. Enjoy your day....with your great nephew.
    Warm wishes for you and yours....

  4. Good for you!


  5. Snow in Alabama!! Wow. Is that rare Rick? I would imagine it is.

  6. Sounds like a great way to spend a snow day. Enjoy.

  7. I bet Jordan is loving this! Have fun and don't forget the hot cocoa! Maybe it's just me, you know I'm odd, but I think your southern snow looks different than our northern snow...enjoy the day!

  8. Gosh I thought you were in a cooking mood till I saw it was snow.
    At a glance it looked like a giant pancake and muffins. lol
    Nice job.

  9. How lucky to be able to play with Jordan.
    We have so much snow. No little ones to enjoy it with. They all live too far for us to drive in this snow .


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