Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Field

My mind is like a forgotten fallow field tonight. I've spent the last several days in high-intensity focus collecting records, organizing receipts and double checking figures that there's been little room for any creative thought to seep in.
I've tapped the asdf-jkl; keys until they are thin as a politician's promise and still no decent idea.
So, I'll leave you with a picture I shot today. I call it: The Field.


  1. It's a good picture...some days you just need to rest your mind!

  2. I agree with Jodee, some days you just need to rest your mind for bigger things.

    Have you heard about the Tapping World Summit 2014 with Nick Ortner and Wayne Dyer and some other facilitators. Tapping to improve every aspect of your life. It a free online world event and this is the 5th year that this event is presented. Nick Ortner is author of The Tapping Solution.

    Take care and may your writers blocks come tumbling down.


  3. My human friend,

    There are times we need to immerse ourselves in the field of dreams. Thank you for this. Creativity is always there. Sometimes it rests for the right moment.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  4. I've worn the register mark off my "f" key. Is that serious?

  5. You need a nap my friend!! That always helps me :) but then again one must find the time to squeeze it in, which is the tricky part!


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