Sunday, February 09, 2014


We have a new guest in our home. She showed up one night about two weeks ago at 9:30 p.m. as we readied for bed. It was the night when the temps plunged into single digit territory.
She lives across the road with neighbors who've lived there for several years. We wave as they drive by on their way to work and exchange Christmas cards in each other's newspaper boxes, but we've never been introduced and to be honest, we don't know their names. I know that sounds unsouthernlike (I made that word up) and in fact I'm a little embarrassed about it, but it's the truth.
Anyhow when we opened the door, this little three-pound dog was standing there shivering. We let her in and wrapped her up.
I stood on the front porch for as long as I could stand it to see if the neighbors would miss her and call her up, but they didn't. I'm guessing they'd let her out to do her business and then forgot to let her back in.
I got back inside and called my brother-in-law to see if he by chance had their phone number but he didn't. There were no lights on at their house, so we made a management decision to let her stay in overnight.
The next day Jilda and I both had appointments so I put the little dog outside so that she could go back home.
When I came back after lunch and opened the door, she was sitting on the couch. I sent Jilda a text to see if she'd let her back in before she left but she had not.
Somehow the little dog had climbed under our back fence and come back into our house through the doggie door.
Later that afternoon I wrote a note and put it in the neighbor's mailbox letting them know the pup was at our house. I put our phone number on the note so that they could call us and arrange to pick her up....but they didn't call....they still haven't.
I'm hoping they will let the dog live with us because she has stolen our hearts. I know I'll have to have a conversation with the neighbors so we'll know one way or the other but since the little dog has a "key to our house." I'm not sure how they'll keep her home.
More to follow.


  1. VErrrry Interesting! And do the sort mysteries are made of. Have the neighbors mysteriously disappeared? I could let my mind run wild on that one! Good read.

  2. Sweet and beautiful li'l houseguest.
    I hope you find out something soon regarding its owners' situation.

  3. Now that's a great house cute!

  4. Oh my gosh how adorable... I can't believe they are not missing that cute doggie... wow

  5. Aww! I would have a hard time giving that cutie back! Sounds like he/she is resourceful and knows a kind heart and warm home is just around the corner! I also know if a stray showed up at my house it would be a great Dane/Saint Bernhard mix!

  6. I hope she wasn't abandoned but I'm so glad she found you guys.

  7. Yorkies are sweet little dogs--who like people who like them. Ahem.

  8. Isn't that strange! She either wants to live with you or maybe she is bringing you and your neighbors together. : )

  9. Awwww she belongs to you and Jilda!!! I have everything - fingers and paws! LOL! - crossed that your neighbours see this too! Yay!! Take care

  10. It seems to me that the neighbors have sneaked away in the night. Consider possession is 9/10 of the law.

  11. I thank God that you took her in. She wants to be with you.


    I would have been devastated if I lost her.

  13. Oh wow...I can't believe that they haven't called. Luckily she has found a loving home with you and Jilda. Kudos to you both for your compassionate hearts.

  14. I left a reply earlier, but it never appeared, so I came back to let you know that I hope that the mystery has been solved and that all ended well regarding your new li'l houseguest.
    She is cute as a button!


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