Friday, February 07, 2014

Spring is not that far away

There's been times this winter when spring seemed a lifetime away, and that I might never feel the warmth of the sun again.
I know deep down that it's good for the earth; this frigid weather, as the roots of fruit-bearing trees, and perennial flowers need the cold so that they can live, prosper, and bear fruit. The cold also keeps bugs and biting critters from getting a head start on summer.
But the older I get, the harder the cold is on my knees, hips, and disposition. As the days pass without the sun, I sometimes find myself feeling a little melancholy.
But then comes a day like today. The wind was cold, but the sun made me feel warmer.
We had errands in town this morning, but when we returned, I saw this redbird on the bannister of the back deck.
I held the camera up close to the glass of the garden door and snapped this photo. Seeing him there highlighted in the sun, pecking seeds from the rail, made me realize that spring is not that far away.


  1. Rick, that is an awesome picture of a red bird, very brilliant :)

  2. Beautiful picture...I hope he is a sign of spring coming soon...from your lips to God's ear!

  3. Hard not to feel like your in tropical climes when you see a bird like that.

    Moody Writing

  4. That's a great shot Rick. Spring will be here for you soon :)

  5. Amen to that. That is a perfect shot.

  6. Cardinals make me smile.

  7. I love cardinals. No sign of spring around my neck of the woods. Everything is covered in snow, but it is very pretty.

  8. What a lovely little critter! I always welcome spring but detest hot summers. I'm very much a hideaway then......

  9. What a beautiful photo....and through glass!
    You did a great job capturing the beauty of this cardinal.

  10. Great shot! It was -21de. on Friday morning and the trek into work was a bit chilly...but by the afternoon we too had sun and the temps were up to about 15 and it felt good...yep, Spring will come and I will kiss the first crocus I see! If I could get close enough to a cardinal or a robin I'd kiss them too! Also I'll be happy to see a blade of green's snowing to beat the band outside tonight!

  11. Very exotic! Is this a common sight in your part of the world?


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