Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hints of spring

The day was overcast today but I see hints of spring. I'm not getting overly excited because I know more cold weather will come, but today when I stepped out on the deck to put food scraps in the compost bucket, I noticed the Baby's Breath bush that's up against the south wall of the house is blooming. Tiny white flowers not much bigger than gnats popped out all over the bush. And later when I stepped down to get the mail, the buttercups shot up almost overnight. They won't bloom for a while but green shoots ankle high are awaiting further instructions from the morning sun.
I shot this photo on my morning walk yesterday.


  1. I am glad someone is seeing signs of spring... there is hope for the rest of us... we had snow last night with more to come on Thursday and Saturday... after that, I say... enough is enough... :)

    1. I feel for you all. It's been a brutal winter.

  2. Not too many signs in the Midwest, but I'm hoping!

  3. Mother Nature is finally waking up from her slumber :)

  4. Makes me so excited to know that spring is just around the corner. My daffodils are popping their green through the dirt now.

  5. Nice to see signs of spring. None of that around here yet, still a foot of snow on the ground.


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