Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Down south

I recently got a contract to do some media work for a company around Montgomery and they wanted to meet with me today to discuss details. Jilda and I had early coffee and I was on the road south before sunrise.
The weatherman said we'd have rain this morning and I drove through a few patching of light rain, but not enough for wipers.
The toes of Appalachia which dominate the terrain here, fade into fields and farms south of Birmingham. The red clay which is predominant here gets sandier (is that a word) the closer to the gulf you get. The drive was nice and uneventful. 
I had a great meeting and then had a late lunch with my old friend Wes before heading home.
Outside of Troy, Alabama I saw trees at the edge of a marsh that looked as if they were alive until I realized it was only Spanish Moss blowing in the wind.
I could see forever ahead and behind me so I stopped on the rural road and snapped a few pictures.
Jilda's off tomorrow and we're going to see if we can find something fun to get in to.  I hope you all have a great Wednesday.


  1. Enjoy your Wednesday! Sounds like today was productive and rewarding!

  2. Congrats on a new job venture and I hope you and Jilda have a fun day tomorrow. Jack is off on Wed. too...me? Nope...sadly!

  3. What a hauntingly beautiful photo Rick !!!
    Congrats ( on whatever it is your embarking on :)
    Have a fun day!

  4. Sounds like it was a beautiful drive to and fro'

  5. Dear Rick, having never driver or even been in the Gulf states, I so enjoyed the picture you painted with words and photograph of the trees and how they seemed to move. I hope your day in which you and Jilda are playing hooky is a wonderfully refreshing one. A pet whisperer is coming here to my home in less than an hour to talk with the three cats with whom I live. We're having "trouble right here in river city"! One of the cats--Matthew--has suddenly turned into a bully and he's terrorizing the two other cats. Peace.

  6. That photo could inspire many haunting stories. Excellent. Hope the day was wonderful.


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