Thursday, February 06, 2014

Old town

The weather's been dreary here the last few days. Photography is about light and shadow and I tried to shoot a few photos when I walked today but wound up deleting them off my camera.
When I don't have fresh pictures to post, I have to mine the archives. You probably already guessed that by the photographs I've posted over the last few days.
I shot today's picture last summer when the editor of a magazine I write for was in town. He was looking for a setting for a photo shoot about days gone by.
When he told me the idea, I knew at once where I'd take him. This picture was taken in Old Dora. This old building is where everyone paid their power bill.
It's one of the few buildings that remains intact. The years have eaten away at most of the other structures.
When the new highway ( I call it that even though it was completed over 40 years ago) came through, all the businesses located in Old Dora raced to grab land by the highway.
It's a story that was repeated often throughout the country.


  1. I love seeing old buildings and landmarks that survive time... I think that is why I love Halifax so much... we have a lot of historic properties :-)

  2. Too many old buildings left empty and deserted, even though they all have a story to tell. I love that one show where people take old buildings and convert them to homes, but keep some of the history in do over.

  3. There are little towns in Utah that used to by the main highway that everyone had to use back in the day, but now that the new one has been built all these years, those little towns have just died. It fascinates me when I've driven through some of them, trying to imagine what they must have been like when more people were there to keep them alive. I remember in particular an old schoolhouse that had been abandoned for years. It was kind of haunting.

  4. I love old buildings and I think they hold a special kind of beauty. They have seen so many things and they have so many stories to tell.

  5. I love the effect you have on that photo too, as if it is a Van Gogh painting.

  6. This has happened to small towns all over the country. The culprit isn't a road. I think we can blame Wal-Mart. It's killed the downtown here in Ashland. There are some stores and eateries and a push to revitalize. I just remember the town when we moved here in the 70s...I miss it!


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