Sunday, February 02, 2014

Rhythm of the rain

I was born in a house with a tin roof, and the place in Sloss Hollow where I spent my childhood had one as well.
Summer rains played the roof like a band of Trinidad drummers. It played metallic lullabies when it drizzled and rock and roll when the bottom fell out. 
When Jilda and I first married, we lived in a small house trailer and the best part of living there was the sound it made when it rained.
Later when we built our first house, a metal roof wasn't an option offered by the builder so we settled for shingles. But a metal roof was on our list of things we REALLY wanted.
The year I retired, we began to notice small water spots on the ceiling where rain seeped through the brittle asphalt shingles. 
The price of a metal roof was about 25% more as I recall, but we'd saved a little money and decided invest in a roof that would last the rest of our lives.
That's a purchasing decision we've never regretted because not only does it look good and added value to our home, but also each time the clouds roll in,  Mother Natures plays music for us to the rhythm of the rain.


  1. What wonderful music! Beautiful picture and post!

  2. You could listen to Mother Nature’s rhythm until you got sick of the sound of her; all you need to do is move here.

  3. I would love a tin roof when it is raining, I sleep so much better when it is raining the picture Rick, really awesome :)

  4. There are few sounds on earth more melodic than the sound of summer rain on a tin roof...

  5. Oh I simply adore that sound...and the picture is absolutely stunning! :)

  6. Loved this entry, great description of the rain on the tin roof. True.

  7. We were interested in a metal roof but Jack has to climb up there to clean out the chimney and frankly they can be slippery. So we didn't go that route but sure wish we could have! Your pic is lovely!

  8. Like the rain on a tent. Just as snug, but dryer.

  9. Wonderful picture; nice imagery about the roof - but the jury's out in Yorkshire!

  10. When we replace our roofing, we will check on metal roofs. Living in wildfire CA, I think it's a good idea.


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