Sunday, April 19, 2015

A day for splashing

We've had almost seven inches of rain this past week and the lower part of our garden is now a shallow pond.

Today when the clouds moved off to the east leaving an expanse of blue skies and warm sunshine, the little pond warmed up nicely.

My great nephew Jordan saw the pond earlier when he came over to walk with us, but it was still overcast and too cool to wade. As the day warmed, he came over to check out the "swimming pool."

He started off running through it with his galoshes, but it quickly turned into a splashing event as he tried to soak Jilda, his mom and me.

I snapped a few other pictures of him before he reluctantly headed home for a bath.


  1. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I want to do THAT!!

  2. He looks like he had so much fun Rick... what an awesome memory for him :-)

  3. I'll bet he fell right to sleep after he was cleaned up and warm. Sleeping after some time in the water is some of the best sleep.

  4. I love that first shot of him-great action shot. It must have been cold but kids don't feel this at all:)

  5. That's a decent sized pond and that's a BIG splash!!
    Ms Soup

  6. Wow, 7 inches of rain... That's a big splash for a little boy and a big pond to play in. I remember how much I loved water when I was kid. When we had a big down pour, I'd stand under the roof and the water would come dow in buckets on my head and it was fun and I remember playing in muddy puddles too.

    I want to be a kid again...

  7. That is a memory you'd want to keep for sure. Not the rain, but the splashing. Nice you got some pictures to keep.

  8. Such exuberance! Love it.

  9. RAIN??? You get rain? Seven inches in one week? Rick, I've got to tell you, I'm trying not to grind my teeth with envy. Here in Calif. we measure rain with a teaspoon for the past four years now. Your great-nephew has every reason to enjoy himself! ... But really now, seven inches ... I can only drool. Oh, wait, no we save drool around here and go pour it onto some pitiful little potted plant.

  10. That's a lot of rain Rick! I've just caught up on your recent posts, some delightful others thought-provoking. I've been missing a lot lately so it's nice to catch up. Best wishes to you and Jilda.

  11. Oh what memories that brings back. Wading in 'mud holes'. Most ditches were not muddy but we still called them mud holes for some reason. I even had a friend we called Mud Hole Yancey.
    Yep he will remember this for sure. I think all that rain came to NC also. I bought a $20 pair boots and they have been worth it. (I wish I could work bare footed still).

  12. Awwww, so cute! We've been having tones of rain too!


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